Difference between India and US when it comes to Google [Funny]

Google auto-complete suggestions for search are probably based on what people search for most. But what people search for most changes according to geographic locations. There is also the average age of the internet user which keeps changing from country to country.

For example most people in the US, who use the internet or Google to search for stuff online are probably older than say Indians, where a lot of users are very young and in college.

We decided to check out how auto-suggestions change from US and India for the same query on Google.

The first image is from Google.com (US) and the next one is from Google.co.in (India). 🙂


How to

Google.com (US)


Google.co.in (India)



Google.com (US)


Google.co.in (India)



Google.com (US)


Google.co.in (India)


The difference is a lot between the two countries. Google auto-complete suggestions do give interesting results. If you liked this post, you might enjoy these two posts which are based on similar ideas of auto-suggestions.

Thanks to Pradip Bhosale for the tip. Do drop in your comments.

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    1. @Tushar: I used incognito mode in Chrome and was not signed it with my google account. I am not sure if it changes auto-suggestions from other factors but it surely changes the results based on locations, browsers being used and other factors.

  1. This is really hilarious at a glance, but says so much about our culture and our times!
    What is it that occupies the minds of the Indian youth. There are good boys and girls who only want to make good careers and bad boys and girls who have curiosity about things they are not permitted to be aware of or conscious of!

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