Devils Workshop Monthly Traffic Report March 2010

Last month when we published our February monthly Traffic report, we were expecting to increase our traffic by the end of March 2010. I’m so happy to announce that Devils Workshop monthly traffic has increased by almost 7% this month.

Like always our traffic source is Google and we have published 3 posts on an average daily. From this month we are increasing it to 5 posts/day, this means you will keep receiving lots of useful tech updates, tutorials, software reviews every month.

Here is a screenshot of our last month traffic:


  • Visits: 196,852
  • Page Views : 304,221
  • Bounce rate : 75.82%

The alarming factor for us is bounce rate which we will try to cover this month by more interlinking and adding relevant posts. Here is traffic source for Devils Workshop:

devils-traffic-source If you will notice our most of the traffic is from search engine and a significant part of traffic is coming from Google image search. If you also want to drive traffic from image search engine and have a wordpress blog, I will suggest try this useful WordPress plugin call SEO image plugin.

We hope we will see better growth this month in terms of traffic. Meanwhile do let us know about your blog traffic. How was your traffic in the month of March 2010?

By Ankit Puri

He is a Technology enthusiast, with a dream to web blog at a very young age and trying to reach new heights with his passion to write and contribute his work on his very own blog Extreme Trix.

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Congratulations to DW team for this awesome growth per month. Saturday-Sunday factor always seen visible on such traffic graph but that’s how it goes. Keep up the good work.

Good to know you like this. This is just our endeavor at trying to promote a open culture with our blogs.

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