Devils Workshop’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration – $100 Logo Design Contest!

Update: Details regarding this contest has been updated on July 4, 2009. Please read following post again.

Here is next part of Devils Workshop’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration! In last contest, some of readers showed interest in designing new logo for Devils Workshop!

We right now have no plans to make any major changes to DW theme. But we need some artwork for our new, upcoming two blogs. Yes, rtBlogs network will be introducing two more blogs by the end of July. Like current blogs in our network, you will get chance to write and earn on those blog as well once blog goes live but till for all creative minds out there, here is a small contest.


About our upcoming blogs…

We are planning to launch 2 new blogs on different but related topic. Name and some other details are below.

1. BlogVeda

This will be our blog for all new bloggers. Main focus of this blog will be blogging, SEO, online money making and related topics. We hope many of our readers will find this useful.


This blog will have some special sections. We cannot reveal more details about this at present but I hope name and this small intro is sufficient to get you started.

2. WpVeda

WordPress is backbone of our blog network and is also focus of our parent company. Initial idea was to create a wiki for internal usage where our developers can dump helpful information related to wordpress making collaboration easier. This idea is now base of our new blog dedicated to wordpress.

This will be more developer centric blog with less frequent update. We will share wordpress tutorials, themes and plugins form this new blog only. This blog will also have occasional web development and web designing tutorial.

Logo Design Contest Details

  1. There are two separate logo design contest for each blog with cash reward of $50 for each logo.
  2. You can submit logos for both blogs. You can win both contest if you are exceptional designer.
  3. Last date of submission is July 15th, 2009 10:00 AM (IST).
  4. Winner will be declared on July 20th, 2009 alongwith winners of previous contest.
  5. If we do not receive any quality submission, this contest will be canceled.

Logo Guidelines

  1. You can find some of our favorite color schemes here.
  2. Logo size should be preferably of square dimension like this or like this banner.
  3. All logos should be submitted in PSD and optional PNG file format.
  4. Logo file name should contain “wpveda” or “blogveda” depending on blog for which your logo is intended.
  5. You should put all logos and zip them in a single file which you can submit here.
  6. Final zip file size must be under 4 MB.

Apart from this, you can also apply for full-time web designer job opening.

Link: Use this form to submit your entries

16 replies on “Devils Workshop’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration – $100 Logo Design Contest!”

  1. That’s a good initiative to see some evergreen useful blogs coming up.

    Also, I have mailed few of my designer friends to take part, hope they do well.

    Regarding wordpressfever: This is one of the standard article I recommend everyone regarding copyright infringements. But this article confused me about trademarks.
    I am not sure if is legal or not, but its better I feel you consult any expert before you build your brand there.

  2. Pavan is right. Its not a good idea to use the word wordpress in the domain name, better use wp. You can read the official stand of matt on this here.

  3. hi to all , below the upcoming logo devil workshop must keep this phrase “Discover the Unexpected”.what do u say admin… and
    guys & gals ?????

  4. You should put all logos and zip them in a single file which you can “submit here”. it’s ask for website [required]. What website ?

  5. @ALL
    Contest is updated with two major changes:
    1. WordPressFever will be WpVeda (new name)
    2. Submission Deadline will be July 15th. (10 more days added)

    @Pavan & Mayur
    Thanks guys saving us from possible copyright violation case.

    Website means any website like your blog, homepage, etc.
    It was accidentally made “(required)” field. Fix that submission form.

    Nice phrase. But seems no one interested in designing new logo for DW! 🙁

    1. @designing logos
      Nice suggestion buddy.
      It we plan to change DW logo, we will think about it.

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