Did you know there is a Global Disaster Relief page on Facebook ?

Heard of earthquake hit Japan? :( It's a sad news. May everything settle and calm down soon.

Heard of earthquake hit Japan? ūüôĀ It’s a sad news. May everything settle¬†and calm down soon.

On such natural calamities what do we do? We pray, we read news, we try
our best to help people in problems. Well, Facebook has an official global
disaster relief Page
. No it wont lessen the trouble, it wont avoid the things or tell you in advance but it may help if you wish to learn about global disaster efforts across the world.

It’s like you can raise an awareness through it.¬†By now every one of us know the power of Facebook and social media. So,¬†involve yourself and get to know and do things.

What do you think? Did you click like on the page and at least prayed! It’s
like showing your concern. Share your views with me on this.