Gmail Enhances PC 2 Phone calling!

While it was interesting to go through the Gmail Official blog update about a new feature introduced for PC-to-Phone calling in Gmail, trying it out myself in India resulted in a mere “nothing”.

This feature is presently available only to Gmail users based in the USA however I have seen the feature a few times on my Gmail too. Mystery remains unrevealed!!



An introductory Gmail PC-to-Phone Video

New Features

Coming to the point as the official blog said, there are 2 features added.

  • Users will no longer need to type a phone number if they have it in a conversation in their Inbox.

DW gmailcalling_2

Clicking the linked number in your conversation will open your dial-pad populated with that number.

DW gmailcalling_1

  • You will also see a little green colour phone icon next to phone numbers stored with your Contacts.

DW gmailcalling_3

My Experience

I know I live in India and still nothing as such will work for users in India, though I would still like to share my screen with you.

DW gmailcalling_4

I have hidden parts of the address/phone number for privacy reasons

As you can all see, there was no link appearing on the phone number above. Though I strongly wish to see a link appearing soon, what you all have to say on that? Do share your thoughts with me! 🙂

Source: Gmail Official Blog