Did you Quit Facebook on “Quit Facebook Day”?

Facebook has recently had problems regarding privacy and many felt passionately enough about the ‘Privacy Issues’ that they decided to form a community which has decided to quit Facebook. This is basically a way to protest and probably gather Facebook’s attention on how strongly they feel about privacy concerns and that their loyalty to Facebook cannot be taken for granted. The group is called 31st May: Quit Facebook Day. Their number though small compared to 300 million daily users is quite significant at 30,000.

The reasons are quite valid and some points they have raised are quite revealing.

  • It suggests that Facebook’s privacy policy is now longer than the US Constitution. The point being that it is almost impossible for Facebook to expect to read and follow the whole privacy policy.
  • The ambiguity of Privacy settings is taken further by 50 settings and 170 plus options on Facebook.
  • The problem mainly has been also the lack of clarity on what Facebook plans to do in the future.

There are many who are wondering if these Privacy concerns will hurt Facebook and end up losing users to other alternatives but I doubt that will happen. Facebook has responded with simplified changes to Privacy settings but I still they could have handled it better by being more open and forthright.

So do you think you will ever leave Facebook or is this just a sort of token opposition to Facebook? Do drop in your comments with your views.

We are still on Facebook and you can surely look up our page on Facebook.