Devil’s Workshop Monthly Traffic Report: May 2010

Like every month we are sharing our Monthly traffic report here at Devils’ workshop and it’s always help us to motivate to do better. This month our traffic has increased by few thousands visits and we have increased the frequency and quality of our articles. More over guest bloggers started taking more interest and if you wish to blog at Devils’ Workshop, do read about our revenue sharing program.

Here is  our monthly traffic report:

DW-traffic-report Our traffic has increased by almost 20K but the downside is bounce rate.One major reason for high bounce rate is our top landing posts don’t have much related articles and we discontinued writing about certain topics. Though we are trying our best to focus on technology niche and if we exclude those top posts,our bounce rate is decent.

Anyways, here I’m also sharing our traffic source, this will help you to get more ideas about from where we are getting traffic and in case if you ignoring that part of traffic, you can always give it a shot:


As you can see most of our traffic is coming from search engine and organic traffic is always best for monetization and specially for Google adsense.

I would love to know about your Blog traffic report for May and do let us know if you have any suggestion for DW.


Rahul June 2, 2010

I think high bounce rate is directly related to earning of any blog. High bounce rate higher ctr…what you say?
Less the bounce rate less earnings.

jagan January 1, 2011

Not necessary,high bounce rate is considered as a bad thing or property,rate near 50-70 is cool and that you can relate with good ctr and stuff(earnings).I know one mate blogger having an average bounce rate of 1%,but earning good via advrts.

Riyas August 29, 2010

I was worried after seeing my blog’s bounce rate between 45-50 % . But now i am happy. But i dont understand what Rahul said. How it is good. Sorry. I am new in blogging. So i dont understand what u said. Thats why asked

Aditya Kane August 29, 2010

Higher bounce rate will have higher chance of people clicking on ads. I am not so sure about it but one explanation can be higher bounce rate means more people visit through search engine results and might click on relative ads more often.