Do you think Facebook should have “I don’t know you Button”

I came across this image and discovered the funny side of it. 🙂 Do you think Facebook should have an additional option to friend requests rather than having only yes or no?

As in the image above you can see there is an option that says I don’t even know you! So true. You get add requests from all kind of people, some that were in your school or college once, or some you don’t even know.

The thing is do we need such button or are we smart enough to not send such requests or not accept them. No matter how much Facebook tightens up its security there is always a doubt if its safe enough.  Just as Mark Zuckerberg’s fan page can be hacked I think any of our accounts can be and there is no way out then.

It’s always preferable to know who you are giving access to your profile. What do you think? What are your views for it? Do share them with me. Write in you thoughts!

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