Does your Blog / Website really need Mobile Version?

I want to analyze if my blog really needs a Mobile version or not ? Do you also feel the same, then don’t worry much. What you need to do is login to your Google Analytics account and check for following steps, you will end up with the right answer for you.

How to check your Blog need Mobile Version too ?

  • Now just login to your Google Analytics account and go to your blog Details (if you are managing more than one blog)
  • Then Click on Visitors tab which will be on left hand side of your Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • You will find option call “Browser Capabilities “as sub part of Visitors. It will lead you to some more options.  Just select “Browsers “from that list.

Now you can see screen something like following screen-shot.

  • You can see some Mobile based Browsers in above mention screenshot some mobile browsers lie Opera Mini, Blackberry & Samsung browsers too other then IE, Firefox & Google Chrome. If I will convert them in to percentage then it will be 3% to 4% of my total blog visitation.
  • Now you need to think about do you want to serve this small amount of visitors with better design and mobile based site or let them use normal (regular) look of website. Now a days almost all leading Mobile OS supports HTML view but still it does not look pretty most times.
  • There are certain specification should be follow before making mobile sites. I guess till now you are also started feeling to convert your WordPress blog to mobile based site also.

Of course by now you start thinking about Which WordPress plug-in I am going to use for my blog in order to convert it as mobile site too.

Analyse which will be best Mobile Plugin for your Blog

You can find 10 Mobile Plugins for WordPress but the main think you need to check that which kind of Mobile Browser people are using the most. I mean to say from which kind of handsets persons are visiting you blog?

For Get more update about Mobile Phone Browsers you need to go to Google Analytics one more time and go to Visitors. You will find one Option called “Mobile”, click on that.

Now select “Mobile Devices” you will land up with Mobile devices name from which your Blog is getting traffic.

Just check from which kind of Mobile Devices you are getting traffic. If you are getting more traffic from iPhone then select theme based on iPhone if blackberry / Symbian mobiles (majorly Nokia) then select plugin accordingly.

I guess this should be enough for you to decide on weather your website needs a  a mobile version.

Do let us know through your comments about your views on if you have a mobile version of your blog or website.


jagan July 3, 2010

that is nice to know,thanx for Google analytics help in checking what kind of traffic is coming…!!!,i will try to add this plugin in my wordpress…..[interested in stuff like this]…..!!!

Shravan July 8, 2010

I have done all things in Google Analytics but i have not seen “Browser Capabilities “ menu

Andrey September 7, 2010

In the future it will be necessary =)

TheShadow October 25, 2010

Thanks for this tips.Only today i checked my visitors status and i see about9% comes ffor m opera mini for my i have decided to make a mobile version of my site.