Download Google Photosphere Camera App APK

The new camera app APK with Photosphere on stock HTC One and stock Galaxy S4 has been ripped out. It can be installed on the latest Jelly Bean devices.

Google Photosphere helps you shoot 360 degrees photos, wide angle shots and even that’s above or below you. Google Photosphere is limited to the Nexus devices. Recently Google launched the stock Galaxy S4 and stock HTC One. Both these devices were found to sport a redesigned stock camera app.┬áThis camera app APK has been ripped out by WinDroidGuy from XDA developers.

This camera ap APK file brings Photosphere to non Nexus devices. It works flawless on your Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4 with TouchWiz, Galaxy S3 and HTC One with Sense. It is assumed that this new camera app will run flawless in all the latest devices running Jelly Bean.


Image Credit : Android Central

This new camera app shows a minor change in the radical menu. It’s in the form of a semi circle now like in Android 4.3. The settings shown in the camera app are now more visible. This is sure to give the user more control. Also, with this new camera app, you can take photos by pressing the Volume Up or Down key.

Few Things to Note

If you are running CyanogenMod 10.1 or above, you’ll have to uninstall the existing Gallery.apk first and then install this camera app APK. And also note that the image quality in this camera app is found to be bad compared to those shot with the default OEM camera app.

Download Google Photosphere Camera App APK | Via Android Central


Gaurav July 2, 2013

Cool !! I am a bit photogenic and love to install this app but dude can u tell me the best editing app in android market for Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

Arun Sathiya March 15, 2014

First, sorry about the very late reply, Gaurav. You can check out Instagram, PicSayPro or Cymera on Google Play. Those are my favorites.

Karan Singh March 13, 2014

thanks for shearing with us, this really help me