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Hike for BlackBerry is now officially released. Hike has been available on the BlackBerry platform since the past few days with the ‘Beta’ tag. Now, it’s officially available for the BlackBerry devices with full functionality.

Hike for BlackBerry is available for all the devices running BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above. With Hike for BlackBerry, you can make one-on-one, group chats and even send photos, videos and a lot more! Hike says that many more features will be added in the near future.


Image Credit : Hike’s Blog

Hike is one of those coolest IMs that one can ever come across. Some of the latest updates on Hike include Stickers, Walkie-Talkie and Hike Offline. Hike bridges the gap between data messaging and text messaging aka SMS.

Hike’s free SMS is probably the best thing about Hike’s heavy competition against WhatsApp.¬†With Walkie-Talkie, you can now send voice messages to your friends instead of typing out the words. Hike Offline is the best addition till date. If you are texting a Hike user and he/she happens to go offline, the texts will be sent as free Hike SMS to that user. The recipient can now reply to that text and it’ll delivered straight to your Hike inbox.

Link: Hike for BlackBerry

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