Digg Reader – One Click Migration from Google Reader

Digg Reader is a web app that allows one click migration of feeds from Google Reader. The design is simple and the product is still very beta. The service as a iOS app but no Android app as yet.

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A few days after Google decided to vacate the RSS feeds reader space Digg.com announced it was building a new feed reader. There were already some alternatives out there for Google Reader and the biggest beneficiary seems to be Feedly for the moment. AOL too launched feed reader but nothing much was heard about Digg Reader. Today, finally I got my invite and managed to check it out.

Digg Reader Features

  • You can use your Google account to log in and it easily moves feeds from Google Reader to Digg Reader in a single click.
  • The design is clean and does not have ads or promotions on it at the moment. The most striking part of Digg Reader is that their default view in “listed view” where posts title appear in a list format, while most other readers have a more expanded or snippet like view as default.
  • It allows the social sharing on Facebook and Twitter but curiously lacks Google+ as an option. That hopefully might come along in the future.
  • We can save the posts on Pocket and Instapaper and Readability.
  • Finally Digg Reader does have an iPhone and iPad version but still nothing on Android for the moment.

What’s lacking on Digg Reader!

I found that Digg Reader has no option to show only unread posts or even an unread post counter. While moving from Google Reader was easy, it was not possible to upload a OPML file with all my feeds saved on them. Also the launch of Digg Reader is so close to 1st July, the day Google Reader goes offline, that it simply might just be too late for most people to take an interest in it.

Did you try out Digg Reader? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Digg Reader


Giri June 30, 2013

“I found that Digg Reader has no option to show only unread posts or even an unread post counter”

I feel the same. Its really difficult to read so I ignore it and continue with Feedly. Feedly really good as well iPhone Apps.

Digg Reader only good thing is clean UI. Digg didn’t give enough time for the users to do the migration and Feedly got all the users. Digg has to work hard then only they can get the users otherwise users will ignore it and stick with Feedly.

Aditya Kane July 1, 2013

@Giri: I agree, at the moment there is nothing that is better than Feedly.