Download Official Entrecard Toolbar for Firefox

entrecard-logo Just tested newly launched Entrecard Toolbar for Firefox. For those who never heard about Entrecard, its free traffic exchange program. It allow other to place 125×125 image ad on your site which brings you Entrecard credits. You can use these Entrecard credits to advertise on other sites/blogs in Entrecard network or buy some service/hard-cash from Entrecard store.

Now coming back to this Firefox only toolbar, this really packs entire Entrecard site into one small toolbar.

The Official Entrecard Toolbar

List of features…

Quick Account Switching: (First button gives let you switch instantly between any account you own. If you don’t have multiple blogs listed at Entrecard, this won’t affect you.

Your Entrecard Menu: Second button gives you a report of how many credits you have, and how many drops you’ve done today. Click it, and it will drop down to give you the options of visiting your dashboard, messagebox, ad calendar, Statistics, Linked Blogs page, and the buy EC page.

Who to Browse: You can select your Inbox, Favorites, or any Entrecard Category you like to browse.

How to Browse: Let you select browsing sort order between most popular, newest, cheapest, most expensive, most advertised and random.

The Jump Buttons: Click on the single green arrow, and you will instantly be taken to an Entrecard site. Click the double green arrow, and your browser will open the next 10 Entrecard sites, as per your specifications in “How to Browse” and “What to Browse”.

One-Touch Favorites: The Entrecard Toolbar allows you to bookmark your favorites with a single click. While on any Entrecard site, a heart icon will appear in the browser. You can add someone to your favorites, or remove someone from your favorites, simply by clicking the button.

One-Click Advertising: Any site in Entrecard network you are on will display its price in the browser, and with just a single click, you can advertise on that site.

There are few more features. Check all details with screenshots at Entrecard blog.

Link: Download the Entrecard Toolbar | Download Firefox