[iGone] Amul’s Take on Steve Jobs Leaving Apple as CEO

Amul has built up a interesting advertising campaign over the years by introducing a humorous take on current events. These issues ranged from politics to sports and even the economy.

The latest Advertisement from Amul, comments on Steve Jobs leaving Apple as CEO.


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The image shows a half eaten Apple with the word’s “iGone” suggesting Apple has lost its core with Steve Jobs.

Do you agree with Amul that Apple has lost its core. Do drop in your comments.

Google Promotes Chromebooks on its Most Visited Page!

Promoting a product is very easy for large companies with a lot of money. But this money has to be well spent and well-directed. Sometimes not spending money but simply adding a few links to the web-page most visited by people could also work. Chromebook, the laptop introduced by Google, is being promoted on the Google’s homepage. A page apparently visited over a billion times a day.


What is the impact on Chromeboook?

The impact is an immediate rise in search queries for Chromebook. It has been in the top 10 search trends on Google for the past few hours. Here is a snapshot of Chromebook being ranked 9, for hot searches in USA.


I guess, this could give a nice boost to Chromebooks.

This sort of promotion on Google is not new. If you have visited Google’s homepage on Internet Explorer, you are often shown a link to download Chrome.

What are your views on such strategies to market new products? Do you think it is better and more effective than making advertisements and showing them on TV, which does cost a small fortune? Do drop in your comments.

The Simplest Way to Search for Print Advertisements – Moat

Every one interesting in marketing to even design, likes to look up print advertisements online. I too find it useful and educational to learn how advertisers give out a powerful message from just a message.


The problem with searching for such print advertisements is that it is difficult with Google or other search engines. With Moat, I could search only for advertisements.

Moat search can be used only to search for advertisements online. Many of them are print versions which can be found on the internet.

It may still not have some local brands but it is quite good at searching for popular international brands.

If you are following a couple of brands and their marketing strategies, then it might be a good idea to search with Moat to keep up with the latest ads.

It also can be used just as entertainment, as advertisements always fascinate us.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Moat

Create your own Chrome advertisement on YouTube

I have started using Google Chrome pretty much exclusively. I am not a fan of Internet Explorer at all. Also I do not like how the fan on my laptop starts running over time when I start Firefox.

Chrome is light, simple and has a really clean interface to work with.

I was impressed with a particular advertisement from Chrome a while ago. This advertisement simple wrote a part of famous quotes and left it to our minds to work out the rest. Most cases we will think about the right answer.

Here is the video of that advertisement often simple called as “E=”

Create your own Chrome challenge

A great concept, but now YouTube allows you to create your own challenge and share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the Chrome Fast channel on YouTube and you will have the opportunity to create your own personalized Chrome advertisements.

I created a DW Challenge for our readers at this link. Unfortunately we cannot embed the videos we create from this channel. Hopefully you do crack the challenge. 😉

I think this is a fantastic way for Chrome to create a loyalist base and have them spread the word. Try our Chrome Fast on YouTube and let me know your thoughts through your comments.

Link: Chrome Fast YouTube | DW Challenge

Nokia makes fun of Apples iPhone 4’s network loss

You might be aware the the latest iPhone 4 have been having a lot of issues with network being lost if held in the hand and the problem is apparently resolved by using the phone in a case. This has been probably Apple’s biggest embarrassment as it has been know to put out products which are vigorously tested.

Apple has made a great deal of advertisements mocking Windows for its buggy software and the fact that it does not get the simple things right. They have recently thanks to the iPhone, invaded into the territory of Nokia.

So what does Nokia do after Apple iPhone 4 woes? It decides to mock Apple with its own instructions on how you can hold a Nokia handset without losing connectivity. 😛

Nokia further mocks iPhone by saying that the key function of its mobile phones is to be able to receive and make calls. 😛

Most times when there is a public relations disaster the competitor will always take advantage of it. We all know about Apple’s fantastic advertising ability especially when they dished it out to Microsoft and lately its response to Adobe’s “we love choice” campaign.

What goes round comes around and I guess it is Apples time to take a few knocks from Nokia.

What are you views on Nokia making fun of iPhone network issues? Do let me know through your comments.

Link: Nokia Conversations

Twitter Started Promoting Tweets in Trending Topics: Screenshot

Twitter advertisement has been talked a lot in the past and finally today you can notice the trending promoted topic inside your twitter homepage. At this moment Toy story 3 is showing as promoted. Here is a screenshot proof for the same:

Toy story 3
Toy Story 3

Once you will click on this promoted trending topic, you will be taken to the search page. Here is next screenshot


You can read more about this promoted tweets on official Twitter page. Thanks to Puneet from mobigyaan to share this news with us via contact form.

Do let us know are you going to use twitter promoted feature to promote your service?

Apple’s Clever Response To Adobe’s “We Love Apple” Campaign!

In two recent events, Apple openly expressed their thoughts on Flash and Adobe’s expressed their concern for choice (and their love for Apple)!

You can see Adobe’s recent advertisements below:

While first may be unofficial, second one is from Adobe’s official open letter in which Adobe is crying for choice…

We believe that consumers should be able to freely access their favorite content and applications, regardless of what computer they have, what browser they like, or what device suits their needs.

Apple’s Response!

Here comes clever response from Apple. As you can see below, this ad highlights “inferiority” in Apple product as well as its “side-effects” at the same time! 😉

I am not sure if above one is an official response from Apple. Got to know about it via Zeldman.

But going by history, Apple has always outsmart their competitors in advertisement-wars.

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Top 7 Ways to Sell More Ads on Your Blog

Many bloggers have a lot of traffic and get advertising requests; however, they fail to leverage their opportunities. This post will analyze how you can sell more ads on your blog. Here are top 7 ways one can follow to get more advertisers to their blogs:

Sold out advertisement
Advertisement Sold out

1. Use ‘Your Ads Here’ banners and links

This is the most basic step towards selling ads on your blog website. Most people put it up and pull it off after a few days when they get discouraged with no sale. Keep at it. Patience is required in everything. It is important that you show the ‘Advertise Here’ or ‘Your Ads here’ banners on your blog because the advertiser wants to know exactly where their ad will go. And you should create an ‘Advertise Here’ page on your blog where you show all advertising options on your blog with other details about your blog.

2. Start with a Competitive Price

In the beginning always quote the lowest price which you can accept. Then eventually you can go higher. Each advertiser will review the performance of their ads on your blog for the first few months. So you can initially lure them with a low price or even better offer a special price for the first month. If you keep a high price in the beginning itself, then very few advertisers will try out your ad spots.

3. Twitter Tweets

Twitter is an awesome tool when you have to let people know that you are ready for advertisers on your blog, provided you have a lot of followers – you are sure to get a few enquiries, I always have. Send out a tweet like – “Blog XYZ is now looking for Sponsors! Reply if interested.”

4. Keep Your Ads in a Very Prominent Position

If you were an advertiser then where would you like to keep your ads, obviously at the top! So you should always give your advertisers ad spots that they would really like. Don’t place ad boxes in dark corners of your blog where no one can see them and prospective advertisers would be put off.

5. Do a Post Informing You are Advertising

This point is skipped or forgotten by many bloggers, while many do not know the real benefit of posting an article about the advertising plan which you offer. Most of your readers will also be having websites in your niche, so it is important that you inform that you are offering ad spots. Don’t be shy about letting everyone know about your ad boxes.

6. Don’t Put too many ad boxes

Don’t end up putting too many banner ads on your blog website. Show only fewer banner ads, adding too many ads will damage your image among your blog readers and will also have bad impact on your blog design. Having too many ads will make your blog look like a collection of ads only where your real work will not be much highlighted.

7. Review Your Sponsors Monthly

You can review your advertisers on a monthly basis, so that they get the lime light and get the total readers focus. Also, it will help you in showing the value added benefits you provide on advertising on your blog. You can send additional traffic to your advertiser’s website through such promotional posts on your blog.

Any more ways that you know of getting more blogs on a blog, share in the comments section below.

Google Maps to soon have branded advertisments

A while ago I wrote about how companies came up with innovative ideas with creating giant symbols on the ground so they might make it on Google Earth’s satellite images. Now brands do not have to do anything that drastic but only advertise their locations on Google Maps. This feature is being tested in Google Maps Australian locations.

How will the ads work?

Google will show a company’s symbol or logo withing Google Maps so that finding a particular place of business will be easier. This will be quite useful for restaurants and malls as they would really want to stand out compared to other landmarks on Google Maps.

Who gets to advertise?

Google will decide it the company relevant enough and large enough to warrant a logo to be put up in Google Maps. This is vital as Google will make money through impressions rather than the Ad-words system.

How does Google make money?

Google will probably charge money based on impressions means everytime someone see the logo on the map the company with logo will pay some money. There is obviously no click through as it is a map so no one can expect to click on a logo.

This feature is currently being testing in Australia according to Google Australia official blog. It is quite impressive to see how Google manages to make money through advertising with any service they offer.

What do you think? Will this be Google new super earning service in the future or there may not be many who would want to buy into this concept?

Do drop in your comments with your views.

Is this the future of online advertising?

Google Adsense is the preferred way for most blogs to showcase ads and earn revenues. Google Adsense and Ad-words make a lot of sense considering most people do not mind text based links as ads. They are a lot less inconvenient than those pesky and irritating flash pop-ups ads.

Here is a new way of showing ads which Digg.com has come up with and it is apparently making a lot of revenues for Digg.

  • As you can see in the image above, when you visit Digg.com the third post from top is a advertisement.
  • You can actually have readers Share it or Bury it but as you can see in the image readers cannot comment on it.
  • The way the revenues work is the more often people share it or read the link the lesser the advertisers pay.

I don’t think this sort of advertising can really make a big difference to Google Adsense and it’s relevance but it might change the way paid reviews are being used in blogs. The concept is that let’s say a company pays a blog for writing a review. The blog displays it and has a way of it being rated in terms of page views or even being voted by readers. It could also be a rated in terms of getting traffic to the blog. The higher the traffic the post brings the lower the advertisers have to pay. 😉

I don’t think we will be seeing this system making its way to your favorite blogs in the immediate future but I think this could be the future of online advertising atleast when it comes to blogs.What do you think? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Digg Ads