Dreamhost Allows 50 GB of Personal Backup Officially!

A good news for all Dreamhosters and people considering moving to Dreamhost.

As you many know Dreamhost offers 500GB storage which increases further by 2GB per week. But many people are unaware that this large storage space meant to store data related to your website and using it for personal backup used to result in violation of Dreamhost terms of service (ToS).

Above ToS clause created a lot of debate in past and listening to requests from community, Dreamhost, in their recent newsletter announced that they will allow 50 GB of personal backup. If you need more space then its available too at unbelievable price of 10 cents per GB per month.

Now if you use a good FTP client with nice sync feature then you can backup your important folders automatically without buying any expensive backup solution.

Only restriction on this 50 GB is that you can not server files from it on your website or share them with others. I see this is no problem at all as you have your other 500 GB to do that.

Actually this backup will be maintained by special backup user. You can activate it from Dreamhost web panel.

For those who care about security, you can select between normal FTP or secure FTP access for this special backup account. Its nice to care about security, specially when you have your personal data at stake!

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Gaurav September 15, 2008

Frankly, 50 GB is way too good. I am still on a 80 GB HD on my PC. So that comes up to around 65% of my HD 😛

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2008

Ya even you throw out movies and most of music which you can find easily anywhere, actual “important” data which remains have very small size. 🙂