Dreamhost to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage for all!

Dreamhost, our webhost, in their recent monthly newletter informed that they are moving all Dremhost customers to unlimited bandwidth and storage space plan over the next few months (or years).

Those who are already touching limit can choose to get transferred to unlimited plan early. There is a new link under billing section in Dreamhost control panel, which offers free and permanent upgrade to unlimited disk and bandwidth plan.

When you click link highlighted in above screenshot, you will be taken to a page which lists some of problems you may encounter during transition.

(click on above image to view full-size alternative)

Some of above mentioned points seems risky to me and as my bandwidth as well as disk consumption is still around 1%, I personally choose to wait for upgradation. But it looks sure that with time all Dreamhost accounts will be transferred on totally unlimited plan.

You may opt-in for free and early upgrade if you are already hitting limits… 😉

Link: Signup for Dreamhost (promo code included in link)