Buy Domains and Hosting From Us Using Netbanking in India

Over the past couple of years we have been providing domain registration and hosting services to clients around the world. We launched a new portal ( for our Indian customers along with our corporate blog for (Read this to get more information).

Portal for Indian customers:

On multiple requests of Indian customers we have integrated an Indian payment gateway for more and better payment options. Now customers can buy domain and hosting by using their credit/debit card, cash cards and netbanking. 🙂

We have a new year offer still running, you can avail this offer before it expires. (Read this to know more)

EBS Associate Partners:

Now we are the ‘Associate partners’ of EBS and we will also offer the EBS Payment gateway integration to clients. Additionally we would also offer technical consultancy or complete EBS-WordPress integration services. Interested companies can contact here.

Link: I Love This Domain (India)



HostGator Shared Hosting from $0.99/month – Flat 80% discount [Black Friday Deal]

Update: You may also like to check FREE Blogger To WordPress migration offer!

3 days back we posted about upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday events and how they bring opportunity to make/save money!

As expected, we are loaded with plenty of deals here. This post is about most lucrative webhosting deal from HostGator where you can get decent quality web-hosting starting from $0.99/month. For the first-time HostGator is offering flat 80% discount on all their hosting products which includes VPS as well as dedicated hosting.

HostGator Rate-Card for Black Friday

As you can see, there are two flat-rate discounts available on Black Friday.

80% discount will be available for 4-hours only between 5AM to 9AM CST. From 12AM to 5AM and 9AM to 11:59PM, flat 50% discount will be available.


Clocking CST timezone!


If you are already in CST timezone, then only big deal for you is to wakeup early, i.e. 5AM to get maximum 80% discount. 80% discount may end-up earlier than 9AM, if HostGator gets more sales than anticipated.

For other bloggers from around the world, below are 2 helpful links:

  1. Know what time it will be in your city when it will be 5AM in CST on Black Friday
  2. Check current time in CST timezone

Using first link, I found in India, it will be 04:30 PM when 80% discount will take off.

Link: HostGator


Top 5 free website hosting services

When you start blogging we often do not require to buy space or have our own domain on the internet. This is mainly because some people blog just for fun and are not serious about making it a profession or even make money out of it. Ofcourse there are options like and but there are quite a few free website hosting services. I think these websites would be quite useful for designers and programmers to test their products. 😉

So here is a list of 5 free website hosting services I feel might be worth looking at.

#1. Jimdo

Jimdo is a free service which is ideal for people who are looking to sell things online.

  • Jimdo allows with free account storage space upto 500 MB.
  • It also supports Photo galleries, widgets and also a store for selling things from your website.
  • One good point about this hosting service when compared to other free services is that it allows adding Flash on it.

#2. 000webhost

000Webhost is the probably one of the best free hosting options you might come across.

  • 000Webhost allows upto 1.5 GB storage space along with 100 GB/month data transfer.
  • It allows 3 MySql data bases and backup system. It also allows PHP along with password protected directories.
  • 00webhost also allows upto 5 emaill addresses.

Read our review of 000webhost.


#3. 110mb

110mb as its URl suggest allows free hosting upto 110 MB.

  • allows data exchange of upto 100 GB along with the 110 MB storage space.
  • It does not allow WordPress, Drupal or MySQL databases.
  • It is one of the few free services allowing unique domains!

#4. Freewebsites

Freewebsites is another free hosting service which allows having your unique domains.

  • Freewebsites allows unlimited free web space but has restrictions on file size to upto 5 MB.
  • It also is hosted and supported on Unix servers.
  • The catch is they do not register the domain name but allow hosting. So you might have to buy the domain name from elsewhere and then use Freewebsites hosting features.

#5. Webs

Webs is meant for very limited users but is a free hosting service.

  • Webs allows upto 40 MB disk space and 500 MB monthly data transfer.
  • It also supports a single FTP account.
  • does not support MySQL databases and also programming languages.

This list of 5 website hosting services are really useful as far as your are not really looking for professional solutions regarding having your own websites. These services are ideal for students or groups to have a free website with limited features and limited traffic.

Do you know of any more interesting free website hosting services? Do let us know through your comments.


50$ Discount Coupon Dreamhost Webhosting June 2010

Like last month, we are back with Dreamhost WordPress web hosting 50$ discount coupons. Dreamhost provides you Shared and VPS web hosting with lots of other features, few of them are:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Google apps Integrated
  • 1 Click WordPress installation
  • 75$ Worth free Google Adwords credit ( Valid for US citizens )
  • 1 Free domain
  • 24*7 Customer support

With all above features Dreamhost can be a good choice for web hosting. The real price of Dreamhost web hosting for 1 year is 119$ per year .But using the Dreamhost discount coupon, you can get discount of 50$ and thus you can start your blog at just 69$/year. Apart from this you will also get one free domain and 75$ worth Google Adwords credit.

So, grab the golden opportunity to sign up Dreamhost and check out the Sing up link below.

Sign up Link with 50$ discount

Do share your insight about Dreamhost Webhosting.


50$ Discount Coupon Dreamhost Webhosting May 2010

We are back with discount coupons for Dreamhost Webhosting for this month.

Dreamhost Logo
Dreamhost Logo

Devils’ Workshop was hosted on Dremahost until we moved to unmanaged VPS some time back to manage our rtBlogs network.  We really had great experience with Dreamhost Webhosting and thus want our  readers to take advantage of it. Just for the info, with this discount coupon you will also be getting 1 free domain name. There are many features which are useful for bloggers, such as:

  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • Unlimited FTP account
  • SSH access
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free Guard
  • Free Domain name
  • cPanel migratory

Dreamhost provide you webhosting services with good features that too in very reasonable price.

Like earlier month, this month also we are providing Dreamhost webhosting 50$ discount coupons. This coupon will help you to get 50$ when you sign up for 1 year of hosting with Dreamhost. The real price of 1 year hosting costs 119$ but using the discount coupon link given below, you will able to start your WordPress blog with just 69$ for one year. With this you will also get one free domain and 75$ worth Google Adwords credit and 1 Free domain name.

You can signup with Dreamhost Webhosting and get discount with this

Signup Link.

Do let us know what do you think about Dreamhost Webhosting.


Dreamhost Webhosting 50$ Discount Code April 2010

Seems like we are running late with our monthly discount coupons post. I didn’t posted thisdreamhost on 1st April because I don’t wanted you guys to take this big discount code as joke. So here is one of our Favorite webhosting Dreamhost  discount coupon for the month of April 2010.

Before we give away the discount coupon, here are few features of Dreamhost Webhosting:

  • Free Domain name
  • Unlimited Domain hosting
  • Unlimited FTP account
  • SSH access
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free Guard
  • cPanel migrator

One year of Dreamhost hosting costs 119$ and with this 50$ discount coupon you will be paying only 69$ along with one free domain + 75$ worth Google adwords credit. If you wish to buy domain away from webhosting, you can buy it from Ilovethisdomain.

Signup Link With 50$ discount coupon

Do let us know which Web-hosting do you prefer and why?


Grab .com Domain for 5.99$ from

Few days back we announced that we are launching few new portals and one of them is domain business.  rtCamp is now in domain business and to give privilege to rtBlogs readers we are giving away domain name for cheap till one week.


This week you can grab domain names for following rates :

  • .com domain name : 5.99$
  • .in domain name : 3.99$
  • domain name : 3.99$
  • .info domain name: 6.99$

This offer is just for one week and we accept payment via Paypal or credit card. So you can quickly search for domain name from Ilovethisdomain and grab your favorite domain name.


For any domain related enquiry feel free to catch me on twitter @denharsh.


How To Set DNS Records with IndiaTimes Server

domain_registrar After my last post on my experience with Indiatimes domain service, I got a couple of questions asking how to change the dns settings for domains registered with Indiatimes.

As I already mentioned in that article, Indiatimes does not provide total dns control to its customers. There are, however, two ways you can get your dns settings done.

1) Providing details to Indiatimes tech-support team

You can mail the Indiatimes web-support team at “websupport[at]” with the required cname, aname and mx records. For me it took 5 days, 4 e-mails and 5 phone calls before the changes were finally made, but ideally you will get it done within 2 working days.


2) Manage your dns through another domain vendor who provides total dns control

This is my preferred way, because you get full control of your dns settings. There are many registrars who provide this service for free. I will tell you how to do it with GoDaddy Offsite DNS.

i. Login to your GoDaddy account and go to

ii. Click Add Off-Site DNS.

Off-site DNS

iii. Enter your domain name in the domain name field and click OK.

iv. Wait for a couple of minutes (refresh the screen if required).


That’s the first part. To complete the process you will have to update the domains NameServer’s.

v. Login to your Indiatimes domain manager.

vi. Click on Name Servers.

vii. Update the nameservers with and save settings.

change nameserver

That’s it. Within 24-48 hours your nameservers will be modified and then you can enjoy full dns control through GoDaddy. Thanks Bisomber for the tip.


Dreamhost Controller : Dreamhost App for your Desktop

Dreamhost is one of the top service in the Webhosting industry. We at Devils’ Workshop made use of Dreamhost hosting services back in 2007. High uptime of their servers and Dedicated support staff make them one of the top notch in the industry!
Dreamhost controller is an Adobe AIR application that makes use of Dreamhost APIs, bringing almost all the functionality of the APIs to your desktop. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. If you are hosting your website on Dreamhost servers, then this app can help you easily manage your hosting right from your desktop.

The various functionalities that can be performed with the app are-

  • Rebooting private servers
  • Adding DNS records
  • Viewing announcement lists
  • Viewing domains list
  • Viewing users
  • Viewing PS Server Usage
  • Graphs on PS Server

Here are a few screenshots of the Desktop app-

Landing screen

Check Load on the server

Install the Desktop app

To run the app on your system, you need to install Adobe AIR on your system first.
Download Dreamhost Controller from Webdigi website.
Developed by a London based Web Development company, source code for Webdigi Dreamhost Controller project is publically on google Code. If you are a developer, you can contribute to Dreamhost Controller Project here.

You can use Dreamhost Discount Coupon March 2010 to get maximum discount at Dreamhost.


Dreamhost Discount Coupon March 2010

Like every month we are giving 50$ discount coupon to Devils’ workshop readers, so thatdreamhost-offer they can start their WordPress blog or any other website at as low as 69$/year.

Before we give sign-up link and discount code for Dreamhost , here are some of the features of Dreamhost webhosting.

Dreamhost provides you with Shared and VPS web hosting. You can use the link given at the bottom to get 50$ discount and 1 free domain.

Features of Dreamhost Webhosting

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Google apps Integrated
  • 1 Click WordPress installation
  • 75$ Worth free Google adwords credit
  • 1 Free domain
  • 24*7 Customer support

There are not the only features, but we stripped down the most comment and asked features which dreamhost provide.

Signup Link for 50$ discount