Easy Step To Identify the Fake E-mail ID

At present it is difficult to identify the fake ID. With time more and more people are using the fake IDs which creates a bunch of trouble to thousands of people. So here detection of those fake IDs has become almost a necessity. It is also important because hackers are always looking to use the fake email IDs to get the personal information of victims.

There are several techniques to identify the fake e-mail IDs. The common method you can use is to send test mail to those IDs. If you got failure notification then its a fake email IDs. Alternatively there is couple of web service which identify the fake e-mail IDs for the users.

Email Address Checker:
Email Address Checker is well known email IDs checker which identify the the validity of any kind of emails IDs. All you need to do is type the email IDs in the box and press ‘Check’ button. Within a moment it displays the validity of email IDs.
fake email id checker

You can also try IsValidEmail as alternative web service to check for valid email IDs. If you got the answer is true then it is valid otherwise it is fake. All you need to add email IDs and click on ‘Invoke’.

Hope with this post, you are better off on weeding out invalid Email IDs.

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Harsh Agrawal October 29, 2009

Nice tool man.. Like the feature.. Just dropped in there and their Bulk Email checker software seems more appealing.. and more useful..

Bhavik October 30, 2009

how to check a list of email ids at 1 place.. checking 1 id at a time is cumbersome..

can u pl help me out

Palash October 30, 2009

hey can u please tell the actual working of the same …. i mean how does it work behind the screens ?

xphunt3r October 31, 2009

@bhavik Yes it is quite annoying to check 1 id at a time. Beside this you can use free Aella Email Address Checker 1.0 which will allow you to check bulk email list………..

mithun August 17, 2010

both r fake .. i tried these many time with my own ids and some fake ids but these was worthless.