New Orkut layout is out

Orkut has started sending out selected invites to some of its users to try out its new layout. I got the invite thanks to Rahul Bansal. The layout is pretty good and handy and with a lot of changes. It seems to be incorporating a lot of thing from Facebook as far as functionality is concerned.


How different will be the new look?

New look home page for Orkut


  • One thing that stands out immediately is your profile pic inside a blue box (color can be changed to green, orange, pink and black). The predominant thing about it is the ‘What are you upto?’ text box. It seems Orkut has realized people like to write more about themselves and what they are doing rather than write scraps to others. 😛
  • There is the added functionality to add applications (another Facebook like feature). But accessing the application is neatly tucked in under a ‘Add’ button on the main page.
  • The main difference seems to be all a higher priority to updates rather than scraps. The format seems to be designed around it.

I was quite impressed with this new design even though some may complain it has taken a lot from Facebook. But I think they have got the balance right. It still has the Orkut feel to it and hence I doubt it will have much negative reaction.


pervaiz ahmed November 6, 2009

please send me a invitation of new orkut . can i install . my id is with name parves ahmed

unk November 8, 2009

’tis a good effort, noi doubt.. but how can i get the invitation?!

Fábio November 11, 2009

Please invite to new orkut.

Aditya Kane November 11, 2009

@Fabio: do read the new orkut community post for how to get invite for new orkut

danish siddiqui November 14, 2009

plz send me invitation!!!

p@r@noid November 17, 2009

Tried Orkut new Design and must say its much faster than the previous one.
Though sad part is like Google wave, they have released it for few people …
and without every one in my friend list have commenting power on the status update its useless for me now
Still waiting for orkut team to open this new design for all

vishal zadoo November 27, 2009

PLZ CHANGE the font size of the page becaus it became tooo smaller in size i cant sea the wards correctly.the lonching font size is good but why r u chang the font size of our orkut i want to seat perfict font size of those people who wearing a glasses. plz re set the size agane ………………………………………..

rishie September 10, 2010

try new orkut