efTwo Replaces Chrome’s ‘find on page’ with a Powerful Keyword Finder

Chrome’s ‘find on page’ let’s you find the words on any webpage but it’s not at all feature rich. You can’t get the position of the word unless and until you type the exact word (capitalization doesn’t matter).

efTwo (F2) is Chrome extension which replaces ‘find on page’ with a reliable keyword finder.

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Features of efTwo

  • Hit Ctrl+Shift+F to launch. Find multiple keywords at once, unlike Chrome’s default ‘find on page’.
  • You don’t need to type the word perfectly, efTwo highlights the words even if one of the letter (you typed) matches. For example typing ‘Gmail’ is enough to find ‘Google Mail’.
  • Each keyword is given a different color to differentiate one from other.
  • efTwo remembers the keywords you typed before, so the words automatically load when you open the same site as before.
  • No annoying sounds if none of the words you typed matches with the words on the pageOpen-mouthed smile.

efTwo Demo

Lazy to read? No problem, check the demo below, it covers everything.

efTwo works smoothly on HTTP connection, but I’m not sure about HTTPS one as it didn’t work on sites like Gmail, for me. Do tell us how it works for you.

Link: efTwo on Chrome Webstore

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Venu August 30, 2011

This is pretty nice post. Very helpful to me.