[Online Tool] Simplest Way to Create Beautiful Posters!

posterini_logoOnline posters are very popular online and often get become viral. Not everyone is a photoshop expert or even have expertise on how to go about creating posters with other image editing tools.

Posterini is a nice online tool, to quickly make professional looking posters within minutes.

Posterini Features

  • Just upload an image which you want to create the poster with.
  • Then choose several poster styles and apply it. This can range from cinematic styled posters to even magazine covers types.
  • Add the text as you want with your poster. The placement of the text can be customized by just dragging the text box around. Also the text can be customized for size and more importantly various fonts and colours.


Once you generate the poster it can be downloaded as an image or even shared on Facebook or Twitter. So next time you want to create a poster within minutes, try Posterini. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Posterini