Egypt disconnects from the internet and world

After the turmoil in Tunisia where popular revolt had over-thrown the current government, it seems the protests seem to have inspired people in Egypt. This Egyptian people have used Twitter, Facebook and other mediums on the internet to protest against their current government headed by Hosni Mubarak.

There has been a sporadic control of the internet in Egypt but the protests seemed to not have quieted down. Today a few hours ago, the Egyptian government has not only blocked Facebook, Twitter and other popular websites to communicate but also completed shut-down the internet.

This is quite unprecedented in a country the size of Egypt. There are some countries where internet is heavily monitored or censored but I have never heard of a country which shut down its internet completely. I am against any kind of banning or shutting down of internet as I think it finally can never deal with the main issue which has its roots in politics.

Do you think that it is okay for countries to have a complete shutdown of internet even if there is trouble in the country? Do drop in your comments.

Source: CNN


Himadri Dimri January 28, 2011

I dont think so, its like we are going to shut down all kind of social media you cant speak or say anything..uhh!

Rahul Bansal January 28, 2011

I believe Egypt government committed harakari by this move! 😀
Now everyone who was spending (read wasting) time on Internet will also join the protest… 😉

Aditya Kane January 28, 2011

Very true. The internet is like the genie, nobody can get it back into the bottle.