Use Email Account to Post on Twitter – twitemail

I know many friends who are email addicts and do not like using Twitter only because they cannot sent out tweets from their email address. It makes sense as we can reply to comments on Facebook via email.

Now there is hope for people to post on Twitter by sending an email with Twitemail.

Twitemail Features

  • Sign-in with your Twitter credentials and authorize Twitemail to use your Twitter account.
  • Now the next page takes you to a page that allows you to generate your secret email id. It is supposed to be secret as if you share this email address, someone might be able to post on your account using it. Do not worry, you can change the secret email and generate a new one too.


  • Now take this email id and compose an email from any email address.


  • Send the email and it can be then seen posted on Twitter. 🙂

I liked using this service as it allows me post something on Twitter using my email. I do wish there was a way to register your email so it would be more secure, even if you shared your secret email id to send tweets accidentally.

If you liked using Twitemail, I would suggest Flexamail which also allows sending and checking Twitter and Facebook posts.

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Link: Twitemail