Eminem overtakes Michael Jackson on Facebook

Remember when Eminem surpassed Lady Gaga with more number of fans on Facebook ? We said that with this rate Eminem is going to overtake Michael Jackson very soon. The news is that it has! Eminem has greatest number of fans now on Facebook!

When I talked about Eminem getting more fans than Lady Gaga I was kind of happy inside. But when I mentioned that he may overtake Michael Jackson I was hoping that he shouldn’t. But, to my surprise it has happened!

Eminem has become the first person, living or dead, to achieve 30 million Facebook ‘likes’. Oh my God this is kind of weird! There are 30 million fans all over the world that like Eminem so much, even more than the legend himself ! Eminem has 30,281,965 fans whereas Michael Jackson has 29,855,029 fans!

So, who do you support Michael Jackson or Eminem ? Share your likes with me here. 🙂