Enable and Add Picasa web albums to your Google Profiles!

If you think you need an online presence, you will likely need to be on Facebook and Twitter. This sort of social identity online is what gave pits Facebook against Google on the internet.

Google has now allowed users to add their Picasa web albums to their Google profiles! I was uploading an album this morning on Picasa and I came across an option to putting up that album on my Google profile.


This is an interesting move by Google after last week introducing almost unlimited storage space with Picasa Web Albums. This will personalize the Google Profile a lot more and still give a lot of privacy.

Also with almost anyone with a Gmail account having a Google profile thanks to Google Buzz, there are now a decent number of people who could like this part of social layer added by Google.

What is a Google profile?

Chances are you already have a Google profile but might not be aware of it. The profiles were introduced along with Google Buzz. Buzz never caught on and hence Google profiles never caught on either. After you log into your Gmail account look up https://profiles.google.com

With YouTube, Picasa web albums and so many more services that Google has, is Google profiles the social layer than Google plans to create? Will Google ever crack the social code? Only time will tell, but in the mean time try adding and sharing Picasa web albums on your Google profile.

Link: Google Profiles | Picasa Web Albums

Source: Google Photos Blog