Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension

Personallly I never really liked Facebook, but because all my friends are on it, I caved in and got myself an account. This also meant that when it came to sharing photos with friends, I chose Facebook. Now we have Google+ which I have started to like a lot. I wanted to move all my […]

Get Free Unlimited Storage Space with Picasa Web Albums!

Picasa web albums is often considered Google’s answer to Flickr. That might be the intention on Google’s part, but fact is Flickr is leagues ahead of Picasa. The first choice for people to share or store photos are on Facebook. Thanks to confusion on Facebook’s privacy settings, a lot of people end up saving or […]

Upload Images to Orkut Directly from Picasa

When ever we have to upload any pictures from our mobile to Orkut, we usually copy the pictures to desktop, open orkut and after that we upload the images. This increase the time and more work for us to update our Orkut photo album. Orkut has released a new Orkut-picasa uploader plugin to upload pictured […]

Has Google crashed Flickr’s Picnik?

Google recently announced that they are taking over Picnik a website which allows online editing and formatting of images. The first reaction was why does Google want to do this when they already have Picassa. Picassa is actually not a online image editor but installed on the computer. I thought I would look at Picnik […]

Recover all your google accounts passwords

Can you imagine life without google talk, picassa or gmail notifier? In these times, a one minute outrage of google services results in panic all over the internet. People across the globe, rely on the google services for their day to day internet activities. Google has provided us with many useful utilities. But all these […]

How to get more space on Gmail/Picasa Web/Google Account?

When you reach the limit of free storage for your Google Account (i.e., 1GB for Picasa Web Albums, 2.8GB for Gmail) don’t get panic, don’t start deleting your mails/images and other attachments! There is simple way to overcome this problem by buying some storage. As Googles Official Blog, plan starts at $20/year for 6GB (yes, […]