Explore FIFA World Cup 2010 through new Twitter interface

Twitter has caught the FIFA World Cup fever with a new way of showing us all Tweets related to the World Cup. This interface not only streams real time Tweets which are about the FIFA World Cup but it also streams country related tweets. This also doubles up as a time table for FIFA World Cup.

Just visit the page Twitter.com/worldcup/worldcup and we are taken to the landing page of Twitter’s World Cup special interface.

The flags can be clicked and it shows the stream of Tweets about that team in the world cup. Also if you click on the current match link it streams live tweets about the match which is in progress. This is a great way to stay updated about the World Cup matches.

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How are you following the FIFA World Cup? Do let us know through your comments.

Link: Twitter World Cup

One Comment

Ankit June 12, 2010

Pretty cool, but what’s the benefit when Fifa Players won’t even able to see what’s people talking about them on Internet as they are banned. 🙁