Get Official Twitter Analytics Data on Your Tweets

Twitter has opened up analytic data to all users. This data was previously only available to advertisers. The analytic dashboard will show up stats on retweets, replies, favorites for every tweet you publish. The analytics dashboard also displays how many people are unfollwing your account.

Twiter Analytics

How to use Twitter Analytics!

  • Visit the URL and sign-in with your Twitter credentials. The first page will show you the option to advertise. At the top left corner on the page, we can see an option to look up “Analytics”.
  • The analytics data is very basic and the graph shows a 6 hour increment. You might want to check some interesting details like at what time of the day your tweets get maximum engagement or what kind of tweets have a maximum impact.
  • I saw there is also a “Follower” option on the analytics dashboard. But when I used it on my account, it showed there was not enough data to display. I guess this could be because I do not have like thousands of followers. But the follower analytics displayed is supposed to be based on location, gender and interests.

The basic idea behind all this is for Twitter to make it lucrative for users to spend more on advertising on Twitter. The data by no means is all the data that is made available to advertisers but it is good enough to spend some time over and get ideas for maximizing your impact on Twitter.

Link: Twitter Analytics

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Carbon Android App for Twitter: Great Design, Barely Functional

Carbon for Twitter

Today as I woke up in the morning and checked out my Twitter feed, there was a huge buzz about Carbon which is a new Android app for Twitter. That caught my interest as I use an Android phone. I am not the biggest fan of Twitter’s own app for Android and TweetDeck is pretty much dead on Android.

So I installed Carbon and I was delighted. Its beauty made me think of another beautifully designed app called which is a To-Do List app. But that delight lasted for 5 minutes, as I pretty soon found out some very big limitations with Carbon for Twitter.

Carbon for Twitter on Android – Features

  • Carbon is possibly one of the best designed apps that exist on Android. It is fluid and intuitive design wise.
  • I found that it allowed me to look through my timeline, mentions and DM with extreme ease with a single swipe motion.
  • I found users could be easily filtered out from the timeline by going to their profile and selecting a filter for them.


Now the part where Carbon App for Twitter disappoints:

  • It shows mentions but completely hides retweets.
  • Most importantly it does does not support streaming of Tweets and has no support for push notifications.
  • And one of the worst feature of it for someone who loves looking up lists on Twitter is that it makes your look toggle through lists by looking them up in the menu.

I think Carbon for Twitter is not really a great app for Twitter. If you are planning to use it as your primary app on Android, then I must warn you it is barely functional. Though this app is not available on tablets, I think it would be a lot better on a tablet screen than a phone. The lack of functionality make me wonder if they will be rolling out a pro version that is paid.

Hopefully this app gets more updates and gets a lot more functional. If it does not then all the effort into a beautiful design will go to waste.

Try out Carbon for Twitter on Android and drop in your comments.

Link: Carbon for Twitter


Twitonomy: Get Free In-depth Stats and Graphs About Twitter Usage

I spend some time on social media but most of it is dedicated to Facebook. Twitter is a service which I do not really use a lot. I usually add some articles I like sharing on Buffer App and move on. I like Twitter because the noise on it is always about what is happening currently. But what it lacks is the ability to show us some handy analysis of our activity on it. This is where Twitonomy is pretty good and whats more it is free.

Twitonomy Features

I found that Twitonomy really shows a great deal of insights about how we use Twitter. The first thing that struck me were data on the users I most retweeted. More importantly it showed the number of tweets I had retweeted. This was pretty good data on how I basically interact on Twitter.


Tweet analytics are very basic overview of the number of tweets between a particular timeframe and data related to it. For example it seems like I tweet 5.18 times a day but get a retweet only 12% of the time. That means once in every three days.


The most handy analysis I found on Twitonomy was an analysis of the retweets on my tweets. It shows a table which tweets were Retweeted and by how many users and how many followers each use had. This is I guess important to see what sort of thing that you share is the most viral.


These were just three of my favorite stats analysis I shared above. There are several more like analysis on your followers, on lists and much more.

Additionally you can also have Twitonomy get you data on other Twitter users. But I did not find it all that useful for normal users like me. But it is something social media experts might be interested in.

Do try out Twitonomy and drop in your comments and views.

Link: Twitonomy

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Twitter Introduces Option to Download Your Tweets Archive

Twitter users have not really found it easy to look up their past tweets. Twitter’s search actually limits tweets to weeks rather than months and years. This is mainly done to keep Twitter’s search results as currently relevant as possible. It sort of makes sense considering, Twitter is more about current happenings rather than record of things shared from say a year ago. Today Twitter has introduced a new feature which will allow users to download all their Tweets like an archive.

How to download your Twitter archive?

Twitter Request Archive

  • Sign-in to your account on your browser and look up the settings page.
  • Right at the end of account settings there is a new option which is “Request your archive”.
  • An email with a link to download your archive is send to you when it is ready. Download it and skim through the archive to a timeline of your Tweets.

The archive will be rolled out slowly and gradually. So chances you will not see this option right away. If you have been able to download your Twitter archive, let me know your views in comments.

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Use ‘Selective Tweets’ to Avoid Spamming Your Facebook Friends

Since you are reading this post, you must have been using Twitter’s official app on Facebook for posting your tweets on it. That is fine but looking at most people active on Twitter, they share atleast 5 times more Tweets than FB updates. So auto-posting can actually end up spamming your Facebook timeline. If you do not want to be that person who spams Facebook for your friends, here is what you can do. Start using Selective Tweets app on Facebook.

How Selective Tweets Works on Facebook:

  • Setting up is very simple just go to (

  • Enter your Twitter username and click save. You will be asked to grant permission to the app .
  • Now send a test tweet ending with ‘#fb’. It should appear on your Facebook.
  • The setup will be broken if you change your Twitter handle as it does not connect to your Twitter account but only monitors it.

Do you use any other app to share your Tweets onto Facebook? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Selective Tweets


Create RSS Feeds of your Favorited Tweets!

Twitter seems to be a continous stream of information and it is rather difficult to keep track of some important tweets that you liked or would like to get back to at a later time.

One way to keep track of an important tweet is to favorite it. This way you can get back to it anytime you want and do not need to use Twitter’s search feature which is not exactly great.

Creating a RSS Feed of Favorite Tweets

I personally like following things I am interested with Google Reader and I tried to search for quick way to create RSS feeds out of all the tweets I mark as favorite.


Thankfully, Twitter itself has a great feature which is not as well known to create RSS feeds of any user’s favourite tweets.

For example, if you want a RSS feed of our blog’s Twitter account (@Devils_Workshop ) just use the method described below.

Just replace “devils_workshop” into any account’s username to created the desired RSS feed.

Archiving Favorite Tweets to Evernote

If you like saving notes on Evernote then this Ifft feature is a great way to archive all your favorite tweets to your Evernote account.

Just visit the this ifttt link and connect your Twitter and Evernote accounts. It will automatically archive all your favorite tweets to Evernote. Do note you will have to create a ifttt account.


Online Tool To Check Your Twitter Accounts Retweet Stats!

A quick glance on your Twitter account might give you some idea, which accounts on Twitter you most interact with. For instance I tend to retweet a lot of tweets from this blog’s feed. A lot of blogger friends of mine who interact with me a lot but use ‘RT’ instead of the retweet feature.

Retweets are important social signals. It means that many people like your content. It also could mean a higher rank for your tweet when someone searches on a topic on which you tweeted about.

So it would be useful to find some information based on how often and how many retweets you get from your followers.


Retweet Stats Features

  • Visit Retweet Stats and link-up your Twitter account to it. The website will look through all the data from your Twitter account.
  • Information can be viewed in three sections. The first one shows all the tweets with how many of them have retweets. Click on of them and you get information like how many people follow the accounts which shared your tweet.
  • Also you can check all the most retweeted updates from your account.
  • You can also check all the account you retweet the most on your account.

I find Retweet Stats, a good place to look up and check if you are actually just sharing a lot with a lot of followers or actually engaging with your Twitter followers.

If you want to make your Twitter account more efficient, you might want to check these 3 online tools to clean up your Twitter account.

Try out Retweet Stats and drop in your comments.

Link: Retweet Stats


Create Infographic Like Presentation of Your Twitter Account

Lately, a lot of content developers use infographics to connect with followers a lot more. Infographics are usually large image files which show trends in a graphical format. The idea is to use charts and graphs, to say something interesting without taking up a lot of time to read.

But what about creating your own infographic, with data taken from your own twitter account. Vizify Tweetsheet, is one such online tool that does something similar.


Vizify Features

  • A quick graph shows the exact number of tweets posted every month. It also includes how many of those tweets got replies or retweets.
  • It also shows which were the most retweeted posts from the account through the year, along with the best followers. Best followers are ranked according to the number of times they have retweeted or replied to your tweets.
  • Finally, there is a tag cloud which shows which words are most used in your tweets over time.

You can see Vizify Tweetsheet for Devils’ Workshop here. Ideally try sharing this info with your Twitter users, to get people interacting more or simply take a screenshot of all the details and blog about it.

Do try out Vizify Tweetsheet and drop in your comments.

Link: Vizify Tweetsheet

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Find Best Times to Schedule A Tweet for Most Exposure

A couple of days ago, I wrote about using Bufferapp to schedule your tweets automatically at pre-assigned timings. This allows users to not come across as spamming and also send tweets when they think their users are most likely to read them.

For example if I have a lot of followers living in India, it would be better to send out tweets during the daytime in India.

If you are looking for the best timings to get the highest amount of exposure to your twitter account then try out Tweriod.


  • Just sign up with Tweriod with your Twitter account and wait for a while as it prepares your report. You can then get your report via email or even a DM on Twitter.
  • The analysis is based on retweets and replies on your account. It shows the best timings during weekdays, Mondays, Sundays and also Weekends in general.
  • A good idea would be to use these timings on your Buffer account to get the best out of both services.
  • On the downside, analysis can be updated only once a month, but that is good enough as most users would want one month data to actually decently accurate best timings for scheduling tweets.

You can also read up on Timely which gives you best timings based on your last 199 tweets.

Do you schedule tweets? What are the strategies that your use? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Tweriod


Create an Address Book of Your Twitter Contacts

If you are running a Twitter account for professional reasons, then you might want more options than Twitter has about the people you follow.

For instance, Twitter does not allow (unlike say Gmail) to add comments, notes and tags and other contact information like phone nos, email address and postal address to a contact on Twitter.

With PeepNote, we can add contact information to upto 250 Twitter users.


I could add Addresses, Phone numbers, Company name, position and even birthday’s to my Twitter contacts.

These contacts can also be sorted with Tags and short notes about them on what they exactly do. This is helpful if you are making business contacts on Twitter.


Users can also export their contacts in the Virtual Card (VCard) format.

PeepNote seems a lot more useful to organize professionals you come across  on Twitter. It is not exactly a way to manage Twitter but more so as an alternative address book of Twitter friends.

If you are managing social media campaigns this might be a very useful tool to keep detailed contact information of your Twitter connections.

Also check out these tools for Twitter which help you clean up your Twitter follow list and another online tool to clean up your Twitter Inbox.

Try out PeepNote and drop in your comments.

Link: PeepNote