Use ‘Selective Tweets’ to Avoid Spamming Your Facebook Friends

Since you are reading this post, you must have been using Twitter’s official app on Facebook for posting your tweets on it. That is fine but looking at most people active on Twitter, they share atleast 5 times more Tweets than FB updates. So auto-posting can actually end up spamming your Facebook timeline. If you […]

Create RSS Feeds of your Favorited Tweets!

Twitter seems to be a continous stream of information and it is rather difficult to keep track of some important tweets that you liked or would like to get back to at a later time. One way to keep track of an important tweet is to favorite it. This way you can get back to […]

Online Tool To Check Your Twitter Accounts Retweet Stats!

A quick glance on your Twitter account might give you some idea, which accounts on Twitter you most interact with. For instance I tend to retweet a lot of tweets from this blog’s feed. A lot of blogger friends of mine who interact with me a lot but use ‘RT’ instead of the retweet feature. […]

Create Infographic Like Presentation of Your Twitter Account

Lately, a lot of content developers use infographics to connect with followers a lot more. Infographics are usually large image files which show trends in a graphical format. The idea is to use charts and graphs, to say something interesting without taking up a lot of time to read. But what about creating your own […]

Create an Address Book of Your Twitter Contacts

If you are running a Twitter account for professional reasons, then you might want more options than Twitter has about the people you follow. For instance, Twitter does not allow (unlike say Gmail) to add comments, notes and tags and other contact information like phone nos, email address and postal address to a contact on […]