Exploring Google Products Through A Single Search – WDYL

Google is a search engine and we can easily search for just about anything on it. But Google also runs an email service (Gmail), Google Reader, Google Groups, it owns YouTube which streams billions of videos and much more.

WDYL (what do you love from Google) is a search engine that searches for Google related services and links to them based on a particular search query.

For example, I searched for “India” on WDYL and it shows up a host of Google related links organised for me. It allows creating Google alerts, looking up ‘India’ related YouTube videos, India on Google maps and more relevant links for various Google owned services which are related to ‘India’.


I used it with a few more queries and I found it really useful to look up Google Books, Videos and setting up alerts and even read up latest related news and blogs. This saves a lot of time, when you are searching deep for content and information about a particular thing.

Here is a quick video from Google about WDYL

Do try out WDYL from Google and drop in your comments.

Link: WDYL


Jagan Mangat July 19, 2011

This is something amazing,almost everything related to Google and You at one place.

Techno July 20, 2011

This is completely new to me. :p