Move Photos from Facebook Albums to Picasa using Chrome Extension

Personallly I never really liked Facebook, but because all my friends are on it, I caved in and got myself an account. This also meant that when it came to sharing photos with friends, I chose Facebook. Now we have Google+ which I have started to like a lot. I wanted to move all my Facebook Albums on Google+ and needed a quick automated solution.

Thankfully, I use Chrome as a browser and the Move Your Photos extension is perfect to move my albums from Facebook to Picasa.

Moving from Facebook to Picasa

  • First download and install the Move Your Photos Chrome Extension. It’s icon should appear next to the address bar on Chrome.
  • Login to Facebook from the Chrome extension. Also make sure you are logged into Picasa or Google+ account on the same browser.


  • The “Request for Permission” page loads up for accessing your Facebook Albums. Click on Allow and new page loads which might take a few moments.
  • This new page has all your Facebook Albums listed with all photos in them being displayed as thumbnails. Users can select each album or even single photo from a particular album. After you have selected the individual albums and photos in them, click on Upload.


  • This will create the Albums and transfer the selected images with the same album names as they are on Facebook.


This simple extension on Chrome, can quickly transfer and move your Facebook profile to Google+ and would suit ideally people looking to upload images in both services or planning to use Google+ albums as some sort of backup of Facebook photos.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Move Your Photos
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Techno July 20, 2011

Perhaps facebook blocks such chrome extensions.

Cam August 3, 2011

i concur

Mehul July 20, 2011

hey aditya thanks mate. its just perfect. sacved a loads of time. i personally never got attracted to facebook. but google+ i am liking it already. thanks for the tip.