Face of Egypt’s protests Ghonim says “Thank you Facebook”

Finally the day arrived, Mubarak resigned and people are rejoicing all over Egypt. Wael Ghonim praises Facebook’s Zuckerberg for enabling the ousting of  Egypt’s Mubarak.

He says,

I want to meet Mark Zuckerberg some day and thank him personally.

Well, this is what I call the power of social media. I wont say that it wouldn’t have been possible without Facebook, but the movement definitely gained momentum because of  social media.

Just have a look at Ghonim’s tweet,

He is telling people that he won’t be giving any interviews instead he will use Facebook for everything. Wow, Mark Zuckerberg would be feeling a sense of pride being in this revolution. Though he wasn’t directly into it, but it was his Facebook, right ? 🙂

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