Microsoft partners Nokia: Is it a Marriage of Convenience!

In a post yesterday by Pratik Parekh, he discussed the potential rumor of Microsoft buying Nokia or RIM. Today Microsoft announced that it is partnering with Nokia.  This was news that was not exactly shocking or surprising and most people were already discussing it a lot around the web.

Microsoft – Nokia partnership!

  • It seems that Windows Phone will power Nokia when it comes to smart phones. Smart Phones are a sore point for Nokia. It has sat by and seen its share in this category dwindle considerably, thanks to iPhones and Android.
  • Nokia Maps will become of core importance to Bing Maps. This is a very interesting development as Nokia is quite good with mapping and Bing is losing steam to Google Maps. This sort of cooperation will help Bing maps become a lot more locally relevant.
  • Bing will power search on Nokia phones. This is crucial again for Bing for survival. Search in recent times is used more and more through phones.
  • Nokia might benefit when their application store is integrated with Microsoft Marketplace.

Why this marriage could fail!

  • Nokia and Microsoft are different companies. Nokia has a more open corporate culture when efforts are made to keep  allow employees network and work freely with each other. Microsoft on the other hand is slightly more bureaucratic. Such diverse corporate cultures can always be difficult for one partner if not both.
  • For Microsoft this is a way to expand, while for Nokia this partnership is a life-line. It needed a shot in the arm but I am not sure Microsoft was the what they were looking for.

Microsoft does one thing very well. That is they really good at working with other companies. Remember Apple! It has this very efficient way for working with another company and giving itself an advantage over competitors. I am not sure that is good news for Nokia in the long run. 😛

What are your views on Nokia and Microsoft partnering up? Is it too little too late for Nokia? Do drop in your comments.


Anshul Dixit February 12, 2011

This is Nokia’s way of jumping from “the burning platform” (read Nokia CEO’s internal memo )

Aditya Kane February 12, 2011

Yup! They have jumped. Wonder if Microsoft is the place where they wanted to land. 😉

rajat February 12, 2011

why Nokia hate android ?
jumping from burning platform without making new platform and as he[ nokia CEO] said they loosed time already isn’t it take more time to
develop a new platform [ who know if it become popular or not ]

Aditya Kane February 13, 2011

I am guessing that they jumped form Symbian to Windows. Symbian being the burning platform.