Facebook Introduces Automatic Photo Syncing from Mobile Phones

Facebook today has announced a new feature on its mobile phone apps for iPhones and Android phones. It is called PhotoSync and like it’s name, it allows users to automatically upload their photos on Facebook from their phones.

If you current have a Android or iPhone, then open the Facebook app. You can see the photos section (image below) from the navigation menu.

Facebook Automatic Photo Syncing
The photo sync feature for Facebook is available on Android and iOS apps.

The photos section should show up a sync option. Select it to sync your photos that are on your phone to Facebook.

Privacy on Photo Syncing by Facebook

Facebook sets the privacy of all synced photos to private. That means only the user can view these photos. Later you can select a bunch of photos from among the “Private” album and share it in a post with select friends.

The current storage limit for “synced photos” is 2 GB.

Automatic uploading of photos from Camera to a a website is not exactly a new idea. Google+ has long ago implemented this idea. Dropbox too has a similar service to allow any mobile phone connected with computer to sync photos.

Are you comfortable with the syncing all your photos automatically on Facebook? Do drop in your comments.