65% people can’t live without their iPhone

I have heard of iPhone users falling in love with their phone. But the true extent of iPhone craze can be only understood, when a survey shows up that 65% users cannot live without their iPhones. Smartphones purchases also are affecting other types of gadgets. For example 60% of iPhone users will not buy a MP3 players and 55% users will not buy a camera.

Here are more such interesting statistics about smartphones and their users in a infographic by Coupon Audit.


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One Comment

Aditya December 6, 2012

It’s been a week since I purchased an iPhone 4s, but I still havent used it as a “cellular phone”. It’s more like a camera + MP3 + Skype for me. Yes being a BB bold 3 user for last 2 years, I dont find a signe smartphone which can match my 2 year old device. The keypad on Bold 3 is pure Alchemy! The iPhone is great (being a mac user, and 24 hours in wi-fi, no problems what-so-ever!

Point is people may be addicted to iPhone/Android as super-multimedia device with amazing interface, games & more, but maybe not as a Cellphone (Calling +SMS+IM)