Facebook Banned in Bangladesh

Recently we informed you that Facebook is banned in Pakistan due to a Fan page in Facebook which is letting users to upload images of Prophet Mohammed. Anyways, hackers got lots of way to access blocked Facebook soon. After Pakistan, now Bangladesh also banned Facebook for indefinite time due to publishing drawings and cartoons of Prophet of Islam on Fan Page “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

According to Chief telecommunication regulator Zia Ahmed, Facebook has been blocked temporarily and it would be restored if the offending material will be removed.

FB Bangladesh

On Friday, Many Islamist groups protested in Dhaka to block Facebook immediately. There are approx 1 million Facebook users in Bangladesh. Thus on Saturday, the Officials of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission [BTRC] confirmed government’s decision for blocking Facebook.

Another reason for blocking Facebook in Bangladesh is publishing cartoons of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Opposition leader Begum Kahleda Zia.

All this is really upsetting, Facebook is for fun and connecting with other people with different religions and cultures. Hope this all end soon and no other country again bans Facebook or any other social networking websites.

What you think is the best solution to stop and avoid all the religious matter on social networking website? I single step from us will surely help to make Facebook a better place to connect with others.


shabiha situ May 31, 2010

hello,last night i heard from news tht,there has been created a new facebook for bangladesh..called something like bikolpo facebook.how do i get information about that and will it work?

Ruchi May 31, 2010

Yeah Shabiha, I came across that but not yet explored. If it would be worth , I will share it for sure.