Facebook Experiments With “Buy Ticket” Option for Events

Facebook might soon be turning its ‘events’ feature into a revenue stream. According to AllFacebook, the social networking website is testing out a new feature that will allow users to buy tickets to events directly from the site.

Facebook Buy Tickets

I could not find any events which had the option to buy tickets. But the option seems to be available for all brand page owners. I created an event for a page I am the admin of and saw the option to add a link to the “Buy Tickets” field.


It looks like Facebook might not be hosting a ticket selling interface as yet, but I am pretty sure Facebook might be considering that soon. Facebook events are used in a big way to promote concerts, meetups so it makes a good additions for page owners.

Events are Social, Ads are not

Facebook is a social hub for me. It is personal and last when it shows me advertisements to buy stuff, I find its like someone irritating salesperson visiting my home. While advertisements work great on Google, because people are always looking to buy something on it.

But Events on Facebook are social and I actually don’t mind buying tickets through Facebook.

Also I think its a lot better than testing features like charging $100 to send a message to Mark Zuckerburg. 🙂

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palvinder singh February 17, 2013

it would be nice that from now we buying tickets from facebook account.