Facebook Experiments With “Buy Ticket” Option for Events

Facebook might soon be turning its ‘events’ feature into a revenue stream. According to AllFacebook, the social networking website is testing out a new feature that will allow users to buy tickets to events directly from the site. I could not find any events which had the option to buy tickets. But the option seems […]

Ignore All Future Event/Application Invites From a Friend on Facebook

Facebook is an interesting social-networking website but what makes it annoying is the useless notifications you get everyday about games and applications and some event requests. Earlier we told you a way of blocking a particular application so that you won’t get any request related to that application from any of your friends. But what […]

Add Facebook Events To Google Calender

Facebook now a days has became a social networking necessity rather than a just another social networking tool. No wonder, half of the people open Facebook as the first site while starting up their browsers in the morning. Facebook has all the features which one can expect from a social networking website. One of the […]