Facebook Lets Users Edit their Comments

Facebook has introduced the option for users to edit their comments. This allows users to edit spelling mistakes or add to it. A history of edited comments will also be available.

Earlier Facebook would allow users to edit their comments upto a few seconds, mainly if the comment contained a spelling mistake. Now Facebook users can edit any of their comments on any post they left as you can see in the image below.

If you think that allows users to leave nasty comments and then change them later into something else, then be careful. When comments are edited by a users, they will show up as edited. Click on the link will show you the previous versions of comment which were edited. (see image below)

Editing Posts is more useful than comments!

  • Even though Facebook has rolled out the option of allowing users to edit comment, they have not rolled the same option for status updates.
  • Google+ on the other hand has allowed users to update posts directly. I have often come across a lot of discussions where a original post has been updated with new information or relevant links, which actually adds to the discussion thread.

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