Facebook for Android 1.3- Installation, Features, Bugs and Problems

If you are using a Google’s operating system Android mobile phone then this post is exclusively for you. The new Facebook for Android is now available to download with cool new features which was missing in its older versions. The new feature in this application includes Video playback, you can now view events, RSVP for events, accept or reject friend request without leaving the application, and a fresh new updated homepage.

The new homepage includes draggable notifications drawer, a photo reel to view your friends’ photos and videos, search for friends and update status right from your homepage.


If you are already using Facebook for Android, you will be notified on your device that a new update is available. Alternatively you can install the application from Android market (version 1.2 is available right now) or simply download it from Facebook for Android fb app.


Facebook 1.3 for android (1)

Missing Feature:

The new Facebook app for Androids covers a lot of new features which was earlier missing but still it’s not having a very important feature which is Facebook chat. Yes even the Android 1.3 isn’t supporting Facebook chat and you have to download another application for it.


Android users who are using Facebook 1.3 reported few bugs/problems with this app i.e:

  1. The video feature isn’t working properly.
  2. User Interface isn’t good.
  3. Notification is opening in browser rather than in application itself.
  4. Slow operation.

Due to these problems some users have installed the previous version i.e Facebook 1.2 again. Tell us what do you think about this new Facebook’s application for Android phones.

LINK: Android market, Facebook for Android