Facebook Games Notifications get a makeover

With more than 500 million people using Facebook and 300 million logging in to Facebook daily, more than 200million people in a month just login to play games only.

With more than 500 million people using Facebook and 300 million logging in to Facebook daily, more than 200million people in a month  just login to play games only. Facebook people decided on some changes mainly focusing on making sure that content displays properly.

As reported by Allfacebook Friend spam over the past month have gone down 40 percent. Now mostly the complaints are about the games application on Facebook.  So the team had come up with new notification ideas. According to Mark people who play games for them there should be no restrictions on the content or time limit where as those who do not play games they should not be disturbed with repeated requests and most importantly those who do play on a daily basis for them the navigation should be very clear. 🙂

When I logged in today, I noticed some good changes  like:

Navigation is quite useful now 🙂 At the left hand side of my home page I can see all the notifications about the games or other applications and choose which one to open. And notice those blue bubbles instead of grey text.

The requests are better arranged now. As in the image below we can see that the notifications are arranged in a better way. For example if I am playing Sorority life and I have gift requests etc they are arranged under the heading Requests from Sorority life.

People can directly ignore a certain request and ignore all requests from that person. 🙂 Imagine not clicking repeatedly on ignore button. I am loving it !

People who do not play games are not bothered with the full detail of the game added to their updates. For example I do not play Farmville anymore  so I am just updated when a game is being added, instead of ongoing “XYZ  is building a barn in FarmVille!” type updates. 🙂 Wao what a relief, right?

Imagine when you are playing a game and asked to add a friend in between or send a gift. You just have to ignore the game altogether at that time. This new feature will be making viral loops more frictionless.


With all the above changes Facebook is definitely becoming cooler. 🙂 I hope they continue with the spirit and make it the best networking site in the world with no flaws at all. 😀 What do you think? Do share your views with me.

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rupali chaudhari September 22, 2010

Nice Post and I agree that if Facebook keeps doing such good changes it will be great! I have also noticed the changes and they are good.