Infographic: Who is Winning the Games Market between iOS and Android?

In recent past, there have been many discussions on various blogs about which platform is better; Android or iOS. In my opinion it does not matter which platform is better as both seem to be pretty close performance wise. But revenues for Apple and Google will not come only from the sale of devices but […]

Amazing Alex – Rovio releases a new game title for iOS and Android

While I personally didn’t like Angry Birds Space, it did take off with 100 million downloads and now Rovio releases a new physics puzzle based game; Amazing Alex – that’s so good of Rovio to not extend the Angry Birds series, because it was getting really boring, at least for me. The game, Amazing Alex, introduces a […]

Angry Birds Finally Arrives on Facebook!

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in recent times. The game has literally millions of people completely addicted to it. Facebook has been the only platform where you could not play Angry Birds, which was bit strange considering how games have really helped Facebook grow in the past couple of years. Just […]

5 Offline Games Worth Checking out on Chrome

Chrome is my favorite browser. Its clean user-interface, speed, instant page loading, a lots of apps and extension etc make it a browser to reckon with. Chrome Apps give a different angle to the browser and one of my favourite ways to unwind is to play games on Chrome. I am sharing 5 games that […]

Angry Birds are Flying into Google Plus!

Google Plus has grown very fast over the past month and a half. It does not have a lot of features except sharing links, posts, images and nice Hangout feature. Last night, Google has started rolling out games on their new social network offering. The new Games option will show up above the Streams. Click […]