Trick to set your own Flappy Bird high score on Android

Flappy Bird is an insanely addictive game that’s been spreading words everywhere since a month. The game objective is simple : keep the tiny bird flying to the unreachable checkpoint, without crashing into the pipes, to collect medals.

The game is available for Android and iOS devices. It has over 50 million users just on Android.


Getting on to the topic, it’s easy to set your own high score on your Android device. But, there are two things necessary : your Android device should have root access (that is, you should have rooted your Android device) and ES File Explorer. If you already have the two, you’re good to go. Else, root your device and download ES File Explorer.

Before you begin with this hack, make sure to play the game once and set a minimum of 1 as your high score.


Open ES File Explorer and enable Root Explorer from the options available in the left side panel.

Once done, go to your Local panel and go to Data > Data. There, find com.dotgears.flappybird. Enter this folder.

Inside, go to shared_prefs. Open the FlappyBird.xml file with ES Note Editor.


Click the Three Dots at the top right of the file manage and choose the Edit mode. You can now change the value of your high score.

This was my high score before changing.



This is my high score after changing.



Things to to note

If the high score set by you doesn’t show up during the game play, close the app manually and then restart the game.

Also, this high score is set only locally. This high score will not be reflected in your social gaming section like Google Play Games or that of iOS.

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Links : Flappy Bird on Google Play | Flappy Bird on iTunes Store | via Android Pit


Infographic: Who is Winning the Games Market between iOS and Android?

In recent past, there have been many discussions on various blogs about which platform is better; Android or iOS. In my opinion it does not matter which platform is better as both seem to be pretty close performance wise.

But revenues for Apple and Google will not come only from the sale of devices but from the apps purchased on it. One of the biggest money earners on both platforms are gaming apps.

So who is winning the Gaming market between iOS and Android? This infographic by App Annie, shows the differences between revenues and also the strengths of the two platforms.

It is interesting to note that iOS has 71% of the revenues compared to 29% by Android. This is probably due to Apple iPad being a market leader while Android has not really tasted success on the tablet front. Also tablets users seem to like playing games more than phone users on an average.

Infographic: Games on iOS and Android

Do drop in your comments and views.


Amazing Alex – Rovio releases a new game title for iOS and Android

While I personally didn’t like Angry Birds Space, it did take off with 100 million downloads and now Rovio releases a new physics puzzle based game; Amazing Alex – that’s so good of Rovio to not extend the Angry Birds series, because it was getting really boring, at least for me.

The game, Amazing Alex, introduces a new character named Alex who is a master at creating chain reactions to complete the goal. In short, you got to make pathways using objects given, which completes the task. For example, a ball rolling into a basket.

The graphics are pretty neat and gameplay is good, too. Except that, it’s a bit of pain if you’re playing the game on a small display. The game also allows you to make your own levels and share it with your friends. The iOS app is retina ready, i.e. the game will be more enjoyable on the new iPad.

Amazing Alex Trailer

Here’s the official trailer by Rovio.

There’s a trial version on the Playstore, which is of course free. The full version costs 0.99$, on Playstore as well as Appstore. I think they will port this to Mac and PC too, and as far as Windows Phone is concerned, no one really knows as it did not even get Angry Birds Space till now.

Link: Amazing Alex


Angry Birds Finally Arrives on Facebook!

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games in recent times. The game has literally millions of people completely addicted to it. Facebook has been the only platform where you could not play Angry Birds, which was bit strange considering how games have really helped Facebook grow in the past couple of years.


Just visit Angry Birds App on Facebook and start playing the game created specially for Facebook users. The game was supposed to be released on Valentines Day, but it seems they have released it a bit early.

Angry Birds initially started off with as a iPhone phenomenon and it still has premium versions for the iOS platforms. It is now available on Android and other mobile platforms too.


Lately, Angry Birds has been available on Chrome as an app. Even when Google+ introduced games, it had Angry Birds as a part of it.

Why Facebook needs Angry Birds?

In the recent IPO filed by Facebook, it has claimed that Zynga the company behind social games like Farmville is responsible for about 13% of its revenues. That means social gaming is actually earning the big money for Facebook and having one of the world most famous game on it would not hurt it.

Thanks to Vibin Reddy for the tip.

Link: Angry Birds App on Facebook


5 Offline Games Worth Checking out on Chrome

Chrome is my favorite browser. Its clean user-interface, speed, instant page loading, a lots of apps and extension etc make it a browser to reckon with. Chrome Apps give a different angle to the browser and one of my favourite ways to unwind is to play games on Chrome.

I am sharing 5 games that can be played offline on Chrome.

#1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most famous games around. Game is based on the revenge of birds from the green pigs who stolen their eggs . There are about 189 levels and 21 more levels in Chrome dimension.

Link : Angry Birds



#2. Spark Chess


A wonderful Chrome app for chess fans. This game has 3 levels beginners (cordy),  intermediate (Claire) and advanced (Boris).  Select multiplayer and type user name and password or register to start playing with other online players. It also allows looking up stats accumulated from your performance while playing the game.

Link : Spark Chess

#3. Sinuous


This one is straight and simple game where users need to avoid touching the red-spotted dots while dragging the mouse pointer. As one goes to a higher level the number of dots too increase. The simplicity of the game makes it very addictive.

Link : Sinuous

#4. Magic Cube

Magic cube

Magic cube is classic Rubik’s cube game. This like the real Rubik’s cube is extremely addictive. It is a real brain teaser. This game also supports offline play, thanks to HTML5 caching.

Link : Magic Cube 

5. Mini Golf

Mini Golf

If you have been to a mini-golf course, then you will surely enjoy this game.

Another Good Chrome games from This is not the actual golf game but quite similar to it, hence called mini-golf. This apps has 9 course which you can explore. An added feature of this game is it can be embedded on a  website.

Link : Mini Golf

Try out these games and do drop in your comments.

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Angry Birds are Flying into Google Plus!

Google Plus has grown very fast over the past month and a half. It does not have a lot of features except sharing links, posts, images and nice Hangout feature. Last night, Google has started rolling out games on their new social network offering.

The new Games option will show up above the Streams. Click on it will take users to a different ‘Games’ page which will allow users to play online.

Google+ Games Features

The ‘Games’ feature will rest as a separate page and hence all the updates should be relegated to that page. I guess this is different from games on Facebook which end up updating achievements on the ‘wall’ and can upset a lot of friends who are not at all interested in playing these games.


The new games on offer will obviously impact Facebook or at least throws a direct challenge to them. One of the main reasons why people spend a lot of time on Facebook are games like Farmville and Mafia which had active followers in their millions.

Angry Birds already has a Chrome app and now seems to be closer to Google by making an appearance on Google+. It might also give some of these games the social element which was missing previously.


The feature on Google+ will be rolled out soon, if you have it available do drop in your views about Google+ Games.


Zynga: Farmville Game developers open office in India

Everyone of us know about Zynga by now. They are the game developers behind the famous game Farmville. Zynga now opens an office in India, now.

The new “Studio-1” is the largest Zynga studio outside the U.S., and has come about a year after Zynga set up a development center in Bangalore. The studio will develop new features for about eight current games from Zynga including Vampire Wars, YoVille and FishVille, said Shan Kadavil, the company’s country manager for India.

Zynga has 100 people in the development center which is about to be doubled this year. More than 1.5 million people in India play Zynga games daily. Nice numbers! 🙂

This is a great way to increase one’s business, right ? People may get more involved into Facebook games which will lead more popularity. Well, I hope the games are improved and it may lead more people into Facebook madness. 😀 what do you  think? Share your views with me here.


Zynga enables Tsunami Relief fund through Facebook Games!

Do you play games on Facebook ? Did you hear about the Tsunami in Japan ? Well, now you can make some donations and do your part.

Zynga, has joined the Internet’s efforts at donating to Japanese Tsunami relief , by enabling in-game donations through virtual good buying in Zynga games like FrontierVille, FarmVille and CityVille as of 7pm PST. 100% of the virtual goods purchase prices will be donated to Tsunami relief.

I like this kind of donations as many people spend money on games, for example buying credits and all. So, there are special somethings on Facebook games that need to be bought using real money. Now, the catch here is that this money will go to the Tsunami relief fund. 🙂 Well done!

We recently wrote about how you can know what all is going on regarding relief for global disasters and all (Source). So what do you think ? Share your views with me on this. 🙂


Zynga planning to bring Angry birds into Facebook

Are you a fan of Facebook games or Angry birds game ? Well, if your answer is yes to any of the one there is a good news for you. Zynga is about to launch a Facebook version of the famous game Angry birds.


Do you think this game will be as successful as Farmville or Cityville ? Well, according to what I think it will. There are many who wish to play this game. People who are not so tech savvy in buying mobile phones they hae always heard about the game and thought if they could play it. 😛

I am one of those, who wish to at least try the game once. Initially there will be a lot of people playing this game on Facebook. Though I do have one doubt in mind that being a single player game how Facebook is going to make it a multi player one. Will the angry birds plant seeds and wait for their neighbours to fertilize them. 😛 Let’s see what’s in store with us. Share your ideas of angry birds with me.


Incrediland: New game to Keep you hooked on to Facebook

Bored with Farmville, Cityville, Sorority life or It Girl ? Here is a new game for change, Incrediland.

IncrediLand is a new Facebook game, which brings warm fuzzy Incredimals into your heart and your life, and allows you to breed them with your friends. IncrediLand is the product of the imagination of Yuval Amir, the creator, who came up with the idea after studying dolphin behavior in Hawaii.

IncrediLand is an exotic land full of adorably playful creatures called Incredimals. It’s a cute game consisting of eggs breeding, different unique animals etc. What I love this game for is it’s totally different kind. Everything is all new and different. Instead of Cash we have incredicoins. When you start playing this game you get 100 of them, but if you are a FBKnol reader you will get 200 incredicoins using this link.

You can also follow IncrediLand on Facebook and Twitter to receive special gifts and be the first to know about new game features.

Just like any other game it also requires neighbours, so I would suggest you to leave  a message here if you need some. 🙂 Do let me know how did you find the game .