Facebook – Ignoring Application Requests From Specific Friends

Facebook - Ignoring Application Requests From Specific Friends

One more step from facebook developers to save their users from application requests spam. After famous ignore-all and block-all application invitation scripts, now you can block all application invitation from specific friends.

Tom Whitnah quoted on facebook developers blog,

We’ve heard from developers and users that they feel certain friends seem to be a large source of unwanted application requests. So with this change we wanted to give users the opportunity to filter out these friends’ requests.

I have many facebook friends who are just addicted to facebook apps and contribute largely to invitation spam. On the other hand I also have celebrity bloggers like Darren, Amit, Thilak in my friend list and I will definitely love to try applications they suggest.

(Source: Facebook Developers blog)

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lily kazmi May 7, 2010

I ignored a friend by accident, I meant to ignore that specific request how can I undo the action?