Linking Your Youtube Account With Existing Google Account [Integration Help]

After long time having separate login for YouTube, today I decided to integrate it with my existing Google account.

Here are the steps to follow, in case you also want to do the same!

  1. On YouTube homepage, click on “Login with your Google account”link.

YouTube - Login Box-1-1.jpg

  1. You will be redirected to a page like below. Just enter your Google account username/email id and password and click sign in…

YouTube - Link to Google Account-1.jpg

  1. On next page enter your existing YouTube accounts’ username and password. Click on Link Accounts. Optionally you can create a new account YouTube account.

YouTube - Enter YouTube Account Info-2.jpg

That it! You will see a Your accounts have been linked message on next page… 🙂

Please note that, all Gmail accounts are Google account, but opposite may not be true. As an example, if you are using Orkut, blogger or any other Googles service, that account will be termed as Google account and you can link YouTube to it irrespective you use Gmail or not!

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zeeshangeee November 21, 2010

i upload my video but my youtube email adress not found how i creat new email adress pleace tell me