Facebook Introduces New Look Friendship Pages

Facebook has started to roll out a new look Friendship pages for users. These Friendship pages are like aggregators of you and your friends posts on each others wall, photos on which both are tagged, common likes and events.

Though these friendship pages on Facebook are usually great to see your interaction with a friend on Facebook, Sauravjit had written about how it can be used to view friendship activity between any two users.

This update will be of more interest to people who have listed themselves are married or in a relationship with someone else on Facebook.

They will be able to see their friendship page at the URL https://facebook.com/us

Here is an example of the new look page for friendship activity. This example is of people listed as being in a relationship.

I am not sure how Facebook will leverage friendship pages as I personally find it more or less as another efficient Facebook feature to spy on people, but I guess couples who are planning events and sharing photos together could find it useful.

If you want to check the Friendship page your share with any of your friends, just visit their profile and click on the gear icon. Then select “See Friendship” from the dropdown.

(via Facebook)


hrmehrotra November 9, 2012

wow…….its look awesome

Ankit November 9, 2012

It’s an awesome step ahead, making facebook even more “social”. 😉