Facebook is top searched brand

In the past I wrote about how Facebook has overtaken Google on the web as the most visited URL. There is a new report out which suggests that Facebook is now the top searched brand. Hitwise a market analyst company has concurred that Facebook is the number one brand with Google being the number two brand searched.

Facebook is the top brand searched with volume being 2.80% and Google has volume of 2.40. If you notice in the top 10 searched brands You Tube and Twitter do not even figure amongst them.

What do these figures imply?

These figures mean that people who are net illiterate are still looking up Facebook as a brand on search engines rather than visit the website directly. This means there is still a large scope for Facebook to grow further.

That is the good news for Facebook and it makes sense that You Tube does not figure in the top searches as most people who will look up videos on You tube will be someone who is quite regular internet user.

What do you think about these brands? Have you ever searched for any of the above brands with a search engine? Do drop in your comments.

Link: HitWise

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