All about Facebook’s new Graph Search

Facebook is all set to introduce a new feature and completely change the way we search for people and stuff on it. It is the Facebook’s new “Graph Search”. Since Facebook is huge and there are more than a billion people and more than 240 billion photos on it, so “Graph Search” will allow users to find people with […]

Difference between India and US when it comes to Google [Funny]

Google auto-complete suggestions for search are probably based on what people search for most. But what people search for most changes according to geographic locations. There is also the average age of the internet user which keeps changing from country to country. For example most people in the US, who use the internet or Google […]

Bing Introduces Video Background: Is it a Publicity Stunt!

One of the best innovations from Bing was to have an image as background on its homepage for search. Bing now has gone a bit further and introduced a video that plays in the background of the search homepage. Users from the United States will be able to see this video background for If you […]

Searching for "${" breaks Google’s Layout!!

Google is so popular and powerful as a search product that people often interchange the words. So it was a little humorous to come across this search query which literally breaks Google’s layout. When you are on Google search page, just type in the following search query “${“ without the quotes. The page is entirely […]

Search for videos instantly with YouTube instant

Google created a real buzz when it rolled out Google Instant. This led to SEO experts wondering how it will affect the SEO business along with some wondering if search patterns will change with new Google Instant.

After that was done, a student by the name Feross Aboukhadijeh from Standford, CA took a bet with his friend and decided to create an Instant search engine for YouTube videos in less than an hour! He lost the bet as it took him 3 hours but we do have a nifty search tool for YouTube. 😉

Facebook moving ahead with its Search Results

Facebook’s search results have been changed a bit for better relevance. Facebook has released a new feature sort of that is if I want to search about an article I get the results based on the likes and dislikes of my friends. That is the results will affect on how many friends like or share that news.

Will facebook’s new patent prove to be effective ?

Have you ever noticed how the English word ‘Search’ immediately sends an image of  ‘Google’ in your mind? 🙂 With its great search results and interesting search algorithms we people enjoy having an on line dictionary or encyclopedia that is free. Well the thing is now Facebook is being awarded a social search patent that […]

Exclude a website from real-time search results with Google [Tips]

Yesterday I covered real-time results with Google search. The results shown with real-time are continuous as they are published on the internet. I feel this is great and I can even create Google alerts directly from the search page. The only issue was if I was searching for a real-time results about a certain event […]