Facebook is under maintenance again

Once again Facebook is under maintenance for the next 24 hours due to some technical difficulties. I have to use the word ‘again’ cause last month was full of technical difficulties too mostly of which are related to Login problems, due to which users were getting error messages like of ‘Site Maintenance’,

“Site Maintenance” errors

Some users have been experiencing difficulty logging into the site for several days. After they enter their login information they receive a “Site Maintenance” error message. We are aware of this technical issue and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

Well let me clear you one thing, this kind of error messages doesn’t mean that you are blocked by Facebook and you cannot access your account again in future, that’s just an temporary error.


The maintenance started four hours back ( 7:30 a.m 07-10-09 IST ) due to which some of your profiles won’t be available. I think they are also gonna fix the chatting bug which is not working smoothly and you have to open the chat window again and again to enable typing.

They will try to resolve it within 24 hours however it may take more time too. Most of the profile between this maintenance period will work properly without any bug.


Audrey October 8, 2009

Actually problem appears to have begun on Sunday morning or afternoon, Oct 4th, depending on which country you’re in. It would also appear that thousands upon thousands of people are affected. There has not been any updates from Fabook and more and more people like me are posting to anyone they think will listen, about this problem. Because Facebook obviously isn’t.

sauravjit October 10, 2009

The problem is since last month I think, doesn’t matter whether it’s the chatbox, homepage or just login based problems 🙁

dawna August 16, 2010

i have the same problem but only today august 16, 2010

Sauravjit August 16, 2010

What kinda problem?