Privacy bug in Facebook Timeline cover photos

Well just think before you upload a new cover photo on the recently launched Facebook Timeline profile. For those who don’t know, a cover photo is the new banner or header of your profile on Facebook. You can change it and upload a new cover photo or select from the existing photos anytime you want […]

Facebook Phone Contacts, visible to everyone or not?

The rumors that your Phone contacts are visible to everyone on Facebook are not true, claimed Facebook on Thrusday (August 11th 2011). According to these rumors all the Facebook friend’s contact numbers in contact list of your phone was set visible to everyone on Facebook by Facebook officials but Facebook denied it. The actual thing […]

Bom Sabado! Orkut is attacked by a new worm!

In last hour, I have received many scraps form my friends with words “Bom Sabado!”. Needless to say, these were automated messages from my friends as they don’t know Portuguese. Bom Sabado means Good Saturday in Portuguese. If you open your scrapbook, same scrap will be sent to all your friends from your account. So stay away from […]

Facebook is Down!!

Well this is a quick post to inform all you guys that most popular social-networking website of the world, is Down. The website was facing some technical difficulties like slow access and problem in loading content after which the whole website went down. We can also check thousands of tweets regarding the same. The […]

Facebook’s latest bug, showing same friend multiple times in friend’s suggestion

I must say that last few weeks were not good for and it’s designer team. First the new news feed which was not liked by most of it’s users and then the virus which attacked Facebook last month. And now we have some bugs on the world’s best social networking site one of which […]

Facebook is under maintenance again

Once again Facebook is under maintenance for the next 24 hours due to some technical difficulties. I have to use the word ‘again’ cause last month was full of technical difficulties too mostly of which are related to Login problems, due to which users were getting error messages like of ‘Site Maintenance’, “Site Maintenance” errors […]

Google App Sync disables Outlook Search; Microsoft not impressed!

Google and Microsoft are locking horns over Google’s App Sync software that disables Outlook Search. When the user installs Google Apps Sync plugin, it disables Outlook’s ability to search any and all of your Outlook data. I am not sure how many Outlook users are unhappy with this, but Microsoft for sure is not impressed. […]

Bug in Orkut Makes it Unable to Decide Gender of a Profile Owner

In the past we saw many bugs and flaws in the world of Orkut – Google’s social networking site, but the one I am going to mention in this post is really too hilarious and I don’t understand what is making Orkut treat a Male as a Female. Actually few days ago, one of our […]