Facebook joining hands with Skype!

There is a big rumor going around the internet that Skype and Facebook are joining hands. This will give Facebook a strong boost for creating a new market. According to Computer World, the deal it almost finalized. It seems like Facebook will soon be entering the voice market.

Skype + Facebook = Google in trouble?

  • Lately Gmail has launched its Talk services which allows people to call each other from computer to computer. It also allows Gmail users to make free local calls in the U.S.
  • Skype will obviously feel the pressure as it does not have the massive following that Google has and hence might struggle to compete with Google.
  • Facebook is troubling Google as it brings out more social friendly features which can be found all over the web. A voice option for its users might be another great way to compete with Google.

What this means to Facebook?

Facebook rolled into Skype will mean we can voice and video chat with our Facebook friends. This would be much more suitable for Facebook instead of building a new voice and chat service from ground up.

This will also give Skype a ready-made clientage who might opt for their pro accounts for making cheaper international calls. 🙂

So what are your views on Skype and Facebook coming together? I use both and I must say I ‘Like’ it. Do drop in your comments.


Himadri Dimri October 1, 2010

Considering the earlier Facebook chat i think this may work as wonders for Facebook.. so even I like it 🙂

Himadri Dimri March 16, 2011