Facebook Gets Multiple Fake Official Pages on Google+

Google+ has introduced pages as support for brands. This is great but it has led to a burst of fake official pages of its rival. There are atleast 5-6 Google+ pages which promote the brand Facebook. There are more but some of them have no profile image or seem to be fan pages.

I decided to quickly search for other famous brands and they too had similar pages. I guess spammers are working over-time as chances of these pages surviving are close to nil.


Google+ does have a verification process and has introduced it onto pages. The page for Google Chrome carries the verified sign on Google+.


Google+ verification process

The verification process for Google+ seems to be based on how many circles the profile is added into. This might work for personal profiles but would be frustrating for brand pages, as any brand page would want to stand out as verified page before they actually manage to get thousands of people add it to their circles.

I guess a more formal and straight forward process for verification needs too be rolled out next by Google+.

By the way, coming back to Facebook on Google+, none of those page profiles were verified.

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